Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group Teleconference

23 Jun 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 23 June 2010

<scribe> ScribeNick: virginia

<gsims> (thank you so much, virginia)


Report on InterACT Web Summit for Educators/Students on June 11

Glenda reports it was sold out, but not everyone who registered attended the entire time.

Glenda will write a thank you note to Ari and Christopher for the use of e4h platform.

AIG Conference in October

<gsims> AIGA New Contexts / New Practices conference

<gsims> http://www.ncsu.edu/graphicdesign/newcontexts/

<gsims> "The goal of the New Contexts / New Practices conference is to generate and publish ideas about how design education will address the defining trends of contemporary practice and culture."

Leslie and Ben have started a conversation with this group. They think it would be valuable to continue the connection and conversation.

<gsims> Pre-conference workshop at "New Context / New Practices" http://www.ncsu.edu/graphicdesign/newcontexts/#early

There was discussion about who from OWEA could attend the event.

Leslie will take the lead on this.

Web Directions USA in Atlanta in September

<gsims> http://usa10.webdirections.org/program

<Aarron> Hi peeps. Sorry for my tardy arrival. Baby duty.

Ben reports that there may be other events organized around Web Directions, including a WERock event.

<gsims> Hi Aarron :)

Stephanie will most likely take point on the WERock event.

<gsims> Possible "Web Futures" event for students to learn about web careers

SXSW panel submission

Glenda: deadline is July 9.

Plans are to submit Web Standards annual meeting with OWEA as a part of that.

Everyone is encouraged to submit sexy web education panels.

<gsims> (Aarron, you have the monster truck voice)

<gsims> Aarron suggested we try submitting to TED and TED local events

<gsims> http://www.amazon.com/DIY-Edupunks-Edupreneurs-Transformation-Education/dp/1603582347/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1277329468&sr=8-1

<gsims> Edupunks

<ben-friedman> i gotta drop off the call in a few minutes (another meeting...at least it is at a BAR!)

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