23 Jun 2010

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+1.650.862.aaaa, Judy, Janina, John_Foliot, silvia
judy, john


<Judy> scribe: judy

john: small group today
... tough to do a full agenda, but let's get feedback so far

judy: janina and i worked two sections, we can describe results

john: will also check back in w/ people who aren't here

<JF> First note from Janina/Judy: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2010Jun/0205.html

judy: janina and i worked two section of comments
... first was clear audio
... went pretty well

janina: met by telephone, read out together and composed in an IRC channel
... then posted to the list

john: how long?

janina: just 20 minutes

judy: was pretty clear after working on it for a bit....
... and the results are actionable -- how do we want to process?

janina: we need group approval and then edit the wiki

john: people have diff levels of wiki comfort
... what was the other section?

judy: there appears to be a list distribution problem, janina's message about our second section hasn't made it through...

[various efforts to resend]

<JF> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2010Jun/0208.html

john: it's there now.

judy: this one was significantly harder

<JF> Hi Silvia

topic of this section was granularity control

scribe: and we had to significantly revise it
... you can see our recommendations in our mail

<JF> :(

scribe: again my question is -- how can move through these proposed comment resolutions quickly and build into the wiki

janina: concerned about eric and john not being here

<JF> +1

john: and philip

judy: how many more sections can we commit *before* next wednesday's meeting?

janina: you and i might be able to knock off our other 3 sections by friday

john: if eric is around at the beginning of the week, we might be able to crunch through our assignments, to have them ready before wednesday
... in terms of narrowing down the list, we could leave out authoring guidance

janina: the user requirement is for a consistent standard on captioning so that it can be used internationally

<scribe> scribe: john

<JF> JF assumes scribe to give Judy a break

<JF> Janina and John having discussion regarding 3.4

<JF> whether is in scope or not

<JF> Judy: for requirement of consistent caption internationally is a user-agent requirement

<JF> Janina: I believe this is the appropriate time to address this

<JF> not restricted by technology issues such as Line 21

<JF> Judy: different EU states have different TTY standards

<JF> So we should seek to standardize as best we can now, to ensure inter-op down the line

<JF> Small group chucling over tech issues experienced on this call

<JF> Judy IRC not working for her - sporadic issues

<JF> Judy: If Janina and I can commit to clear the balance of their issues by next tuesday, and JF can connect with Eric, we will have sufficient content to review

<JF> please/sure

<silvia> Sean and I have not been in contact other than you will have seen on the mailing list

<silvia> he is busy until Thursday he said, so I am assuming we will do something via email after that

<silvia> I have started reviewing the first section and will get to the others asap

thanks for doing load-balancing distribution, by the way

<JF> OK, thanks Silvia

<silvia> then hopefully with his feedback, we can have these sections by next week

<silvia> Judy: pleasure

<JF> Judy: the mails that Janina and Judy sent - are they phrased well enough for discussion, or do they need to be move defined

<JF> Judy: as "pilots" they proved to be relatively easy to do - one took 20 minutes, the other 40

<JF> Judy: suggest to teams to front-load the 'difficult' issues for next week - if we know it's going to be tough, we should try to tackle them earlier rather than later

<JF> JF +1

[Silvia joins end of call briefly and we review requests to team to keep working on their sections over the coming week, focusing on bringing tougher issues from their sections into next week's meeting, to keep things moving]

John: adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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