HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

07 Jun 2010

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Rich, Janina


<trackbot> Date: 07 June 2010

<richardschwerdtfe> meeting: W3C HTML Accessibility Task Force Canvas Accessibility meeting

<richardschwerdtfe> passcode is 92473

<davidb> finally!

<richardschwerdtfe> chair: Rich

<richardschwerdtfe> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-canvas-api/2010AprJun/att-0052/2dcontext10-May-26.html

<richardschwerdtfe> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-canvas-api/2010AprJun/att-0052/2dcontext10-May-26.html

<Stevef> "If the user has configured the operating system to draw focus rings in a certain way (e.g. high-contrast focus rings), or if the drawFocusRing argument is absent or false, then the user agent MUST draw a focus ring of the appropriate style along the path defined by the by the coverted bounding rectangle. "

<Stevef> repeated "by the" and i don't understand the use of the word "coverted"

Prepare canvas API for straw poll

<richardschwerdtfe> scribe: Rich

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: Steve and David support Take the proposal with Steve

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: with Steve's editorial changes to a straw poll vote

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: James Craig and Frank Olivier made no comments regarding the last proposal on the list

<richardschwerdtfe> RESOLUTION: Take June 7 proposal (with Steve's editorial changes) to staw poll vote

<richardschwerdtfe> Janina: I concur

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: who will create straw poll?

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: I will post the canvas api proposal from today to the task force and canvas list for staw poll vote

<richardschwerdtfe> Janina: Michael will create the straw poll

<richardschwerdtfe> Janina: it may take a day or two to put up the straw poll vote and then leave a week for last comments

Charles Proposal

<richardschwerdtfe> scribe: Janina

<scribe> scribe: janina

rich: would have to add support for what wasn't in html4
... can they be added? How does that work? How does keynav work? Hierarchies?
... need better definition on how it works
... for instance, we don't want canvas inside an areamap

steve: think imagemap useable for simple things
... our proposals supports the more complex

rich: so only elements in image map are links?

steve: area element, and override with role button

rich: overwrite wi aria, no standard controls
... can one support a dom hierarchy?

steve: nested elements, yes
... not sure they can overlap
... can't have list,

rich: so a really big problem--missing struct to support a11y

steve: so now way to support menu

rich: if there's no struct, only button

steve: button, links tab

rich: need tablist

steve: but only a limited set can be supported
... alert, alert dialog

rich: how dialog?

steve: button checkbox, link

rich: can't do radio button because these are grouped

steve: textbox

rich: if just text, no ml

janina: so where's the benefit?

rich: think chaas oversimplified. willing to have discussion

janina: but no chaas

steve: my proposal is much simpler than chaas--not the same, don't misunderstand
... david has implemented

david: mapped

rich: struct?

david: not yet

rich: no text fields, any like

david: would have to be via js

rich: but not a text field

david: correct

rich: so can't draw

david: yes

rich: so just links with role

steve: advantages is simplicity for simple applications
... canvas is a moving image

rich: would need to limit aria roles that apply
... nothing that has, or depends on structural

steve: i understand it's limited, same limitation as imagemap on image

rich: we need to put limits on what chaas has said, if we try to move this forward

<davidb> I have to step away

steve: propose we put chaas aside until we have it

rich: suggest drop chaas altogether, and we ask that areamap included as fallback content when provided on canvas

steve: no,
... have a problem with the notion of fallback

rich: but with js you can change it

steve: not that ...
... devs need to see a quick way to add clickable region to canvas

rich: you're missing my point
... if nonav not provided, you need then to say that map overrides keyboard

<richardschwerdtfe> rich: when an area map is provided to the canvas element the area map keyboard navigation takes precedence over the content between the <canvas> and </canvas> elements

<richardschwerdtfe> rich: regarding the area element the ARIA Mapping group should enumerate the roles that may override the area elements

<richardschwerdtfe> rich: The aria mapping group should enumerate the roles that can override the canvas element

rich: actually, i'm now worried this creates a problem with focus ring
... now we have to accomodate areamap--not a small piece of work

steve: code already in browsers

rich: what binds visual rendering to what's in the map?

steve: why does it have to bind?

rich: where are the coordinates mapped?

steve: sorry? says use this map on this object, just like image

rich: works for image, but
... user draws focus currently, nothing will auto draw it without or nav

steve: that's the allure
... i've put transparant image over canvas and applied map to it
... works the same way as image

rich: not a logical mapping, a visual mapping?
... so that has to be explicitly stated, cannot be assumed

steve: where is this written down for how it applies to image?

rich: that's part of chaas concern
... worse than html4, according to chaas
... so you'll have browser draw, and we don't know about contrast over canvas ...

<Stevef> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/ChangeProposals/addimagemaptocanvas

steve: just trying to add imagemap to canvas without all the extra fancy stuff--widget support, for instance

Summary of Action Items

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