07 Jun 2010


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Jan, alastairc, Greg_Pisocky, Jutta, +1.561.582.aaaa, Sueann, Tim_Boland
Jeanne, S.
Jutta Treviranus


<alastairc> Hi Jan, hopefully ready for my first call.

sure I will too


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

JT: Welcome Alistair..you're not tool late for the party..lots of critical work to be done

1. Last Call status

JT: Assumption is still that WAI charter process is still in the works
... And so this has implications for our F2F and document stage planning

2. Suggested change to A.3.2.3


Resolution: Accept new wording for A323: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2010AprJun/0055.html



JT: In other meetings we went through the excercise of going throught the doc to find problematic succes citeria

SN: I need to wait until after June 15th for my items

JT: Great

GP: Due a bunch of deadlines I'm in hte same situation...
... I can start contributing in 2 weeks (i'll be away from the next call)

JT: OK let's move through Level A...
... B.1.1.1 Accessible Content Production (WCAG Level A):
... B.1.2.1 Preserve Accessibility Information (Minimum)

GP: Some but not all...

SN: Prob the same with us...

JT: Opencast conversion from Youtube JR: Flash?

GP: Certain transformations do and some don't

JT: Atutor (transformations from IEEE LOM to SCORM package etc.)

JR: It can be just one format not all of them

AC: TinyMCE perhaps when copying from Word

JT: B.1.2.2 End Product Cannot Preserve Accessibility Information

JR: Thinks most tools meet this by allowing save before transformation

JT: Do we have any examples of warnings on save?

JR: Maybe video tools might be a good place to look?

JT: B.1.3.1 Accessible Auto-Generated Content (WCAG Level A)

JR: Alistair?

AC: Our tool is pretty good...
... Comes down to templating...
... De Facto CMS
... Sometimes videos can be edded that are problematic

B.2.1.1 Decision Support:

JT: We may need to creat an implementation
... B.2.1.2 Set Accessible Properties
... B.2.1.3 Other Technologies
... Call next week!

Summary of Action Items

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