WAI-AGE task force

02 Jun 2010



Andrew, Shadi, Kate, Darren, Michael, Suzette
Alan, Jack, Helle, Pierre
Michael, Darren


Developing Websites for Older People


Kate: first two sentences of the introduction could be deleted

Shadi: subtitle: "how to use wcag 2 to make websites more accessible for people with disabilities and older users"?

Shadi: 2 questions. 1) Have we fulfilled the needs of Joan and Jane? 2) The point is that there isn't anything different to do i.e. if you follow WCAG then the Website is optimised for older people. How do we make this clear?

Darren: make it clearer that you have to follow WCAG and a few additional resources

Darren / Andrew: appendix could be clearer labelled

Michael: We could outline the document as follows ...
... Understand needs of older users
... Follow WCAG 2
... Implementation resources (proposal by shadi)
... Techniques to implement WCAG for older users

Shadi: developers often just want to be told what to do

Suzette: additional resources is more about background
... drop the words "additional" and "appendix"

Michael: Implementing WCAG 2 for Older People > WCAG 2 techniques for Older People

Suzette/Shadi: providing a rationale for the techniques would be helpful

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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