HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

24 May 2010

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Rich, [Microsoft], jongunderson


<trackbot> Date: 24 May 2010

<scribe> meeting: W3C HTML 5 Canvas Accessibility Meeting



<scribe> scribe: Rich


Apple comments



Rich: Operating system accessibility API only provide for rectangles
... Can we simply provide two x and y coordinates representing lower left and upper right hand coordinate of the rectangle that best fits the shape drawn?

Frank: Agreed

Jon: Agreed

Resolution: Use two points providing a best fit shape rectangular shape for the author drawn focus ring

Apple feedback on reporting caret position

If the user's zoom level can display the entire selection, it probably should. Most common usage will still be a single caret position, but there should be an option for authors to specify the size, shape, and location of the entire selection range. Also, a single point does not indicate font-size/line-height on the canvas representation of the control. Without the additional information, for example, a magnifier may only display the top-half of th

text or line-box on the canvas.

Jon: is what selected important:

Rich: What is selected can be retrieved from the fallback content being mapped
... Window provides caret tracking
... Windows provides caret tracking

Frank: What if the zoom level changes automatically?
... Windows only zooms on the caret and I feel the caret is sufficient

Rich: Windows does not have a line height related to a caret position
... Zoom levels are typically fixed. If the maginifier were to automatically zoom based on the selected text (smaller magnification) that would defeat the purpose of the magnifier

Frank: I would be happy with just the point

Rich: We could provide a rectangle representing the caret ( provide two x and y coordinates). This would cover the height issue James raised.

Frank: agreed

Jon: Agreed

Resolution: Change point to a rectangle representing the last drawn caret or selection which includes the height of the text

add cursor shape suggestion?

Rich: drop

Frank: drop

Jon: drop

RESOLUTION: drop addition of cursor shape

Chaals Area Map proposal

Frank: I would like to see it as wel


Rich: no updated proposal from Charles so will wait another week
... I will update the current canvas API draft to reflect today's changes

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Summary of Action Items

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