Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Version 1.1 Recommendation Errata

Last updated $Date: 2011/06/09 15:23:59 $

This document records known errors in the SSML 1.1 Recommendation:

About the SSML 1.1 Recommendation

The SSML 1.1 Recommendation has been produced by the W3C Voice Browser Working Group as part of the activity of the W3C Ubiquitous Web Domain.

This document lists known errata to the Recommendation. Each entry has the following information:

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Proposed and Pending Errata

None as yet.

Known errors as of 9 June 2011

Error 1
Type: typographical
Date added: 9 June 2011
Section: 3.2.1 voice Element
Description: In the sentence "The voice element can only contain text to be rendered and the following elements: audio, break, emphasis, mark, p, phoneme, prosody, say-as, sub, s, voice.", the link for the <break> element mistakenly references the <mark> element. It should instead reference the <break> element in section 3.2.3.

Rejected proposed errata

None as yet.


None as yet.

Kazuyuki Ashimura