HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

15 Mar 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 15 March 2010

<richardschwerdtfe> Meeting: HTMl Accessibility Task Force Canvas Accessibility Call

<richardschwerdtfe> Meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Canvas Accessibility Call

<richardschwerdtfe> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-canvas-api/2010JanMar/0295.html

<scribe> Scribe: gunderson

RS: I have been talking with M... about selection
... He wants the caret API from the focus selection, that seems to work for me
... I am having a tough time with caret position

Frank: That is a good question about where the caraet is in a selection
... When you select something, let me check what we do with caret browsing on
... The caret is at the end of the selection

RS: He said it doesn't move, I tried it with NOTES, and it is consistent with what you are saying
... I brought up the agenda
... I am going to point to the last one from M...

<richardschwerdtfe> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-canvas-api/2010JanMar/0296.html

RS: Maciej does not know what a point of regard
... It you have caret browsing on it goes to the end, what happens in Safari?
... Does Safari have the notion of caret browsing?
... I don't see anything there
... IE is at the end of the selection

Frank: End of the drag, yes

RS: Canvas can draw custom unless special focus ring is set, he thinks this will have the opposite effect
... The author is requesting to draw, does that make sense
... They have this custom drawing function, unless focus..., add method request draw, author requests focus ring

Frank: that makes sense
... Last time we discusses this there was a draw ...., what happened to that proposal

RS: They have a draw focus ring, a rectangle, they requested that the caret be moved separately, for set selection position, for the start of the selection, but it is really the end of the selection
... I propose we have a separate function to draw the caret and AT could be given the coordination, the browser can't draw the caret in the canvas, since it does not have any context or information
... the desktop should control the blink rate, the canvas does not have access to OS, unless there is a function in canavs

Frank: We have a blink rate preference, it would be need to wired up
... Focus ring there is not a huge burden ont eh author to draw that

RS: Using a call back method?

franl: it would be nice to have display cursor here method, it would know about styling and zoom, these seems better than the author having to draw and create a blink rate

Frank: It is really up to the author to make sure everything is right, it is more fruitful to keep these concepts at a higher level

RS: I did not know if there would be a problem with drawing on the camvas, I ii is a problem when the drawing program knows noting of the canvas

Frank: The blink rate and style is set by the author and the zoom would be calculated by browser

RS: Is the blink rate in blinks per second?

Frank: I think it is a 0.5 Hz

RS: We will have a get blink rate, with a default?

frank: yes

RS: What is the default for windows?

frank: .4 - 2.5 Hz (.5 is default)

RS: Frequency? Would the blink rate ever be slower than X times per second?

Frank: When javascript is used it will be in millisecond using a call back

RS: So the milliseconds is every so many millisecones
... So the milliseconds is every so many millisecondes
... What is the default rate?

Frank: I think it is 500 msec
... I will take a few minutes to find out

RS: send to the list
... .. he was suppose to put up the nav sub tree, the only objection was CMN
... May be able to take to the sub group this week
... let me check
... We are suppose to put a vote out for the HTML
... It is suppose to move forward, I don't see any objections
... I agreed to work with AREA map to support a sub tree, this would be a pretty big change to the spec by bringing in the AREA map requirement
... Do you prefer the caret call to be a caret or selection
... Selection position or caret position

Frank: I vote caret position

RS: Apple does not agree
... I am not sure we have anything else to discuss

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