Provenance Incubator Group Teleconference

05 Feb 2010


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YolandaG, +3858880aabb, pgroth, keckert, +1.540.449.aadd, Betty, Irini, +1.571.481.aaee, jun, Felix, Ivan, jcheney, JoseManuel, lkagal
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<trackbot> Date: 05 February 2010

<Yolanda> thank you Jose Manuel!

no probs ;-)

<scribe> Meeting: prov-xg

genda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-prov/2010Feb/0003.html

<scribe> Scribe: Jose

<scribe> ScribeNick: JoseManuel

<Paolo> hi everybody

<pgroth> hi

<ssahoo2> hi

<scribe> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-prov/2010Feb/0003.html

<Paolo> +??P1 is Paolo

plan is to focus on discussion on requirements by co-editors

another topic is to advance with Mendelay

<Paolo> the SWPM workshop ended with a community-provided

<Paolo> research agenda

<Paolo> I will send the link to the relevant page

<scribe> New question proposed to be asked to the group: what should research focus on in case a project on provenance was proposed?

<ssahoo2> SWPM workshop: http://wiki.knoesis.org/index.php/SWPM-2009

co-editors report on state of requirements

<Yolanda> Pgroth we cannot hear you

lots of noice in the line...

<Paolo> thank Satya. in partocular: http://wiki.knoesis.org/index.php/SWPM_discussion

Paul: every dimension has requirements
... labels added to requirements

<Paolo> Paul I would tep in again if that's ok in this phase

co-editors to continue clean up of requirements. Others to add if anything is missing.

<Paolo> tep->step

<pgroth> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Requirements_Clean

<Paolo> ack

paul proposes a way to get rid of overlapping bw. requirements

jcheney volunteers to be involved in the process

<jcheney> yes

<Paolo> ack

<Paolo> ?

a period for contributing comments on requirements and unifying them is opened. Then, this will be taken to the final doc

<Paolo> fine by me

<Luc> yes

<Irini> fine by me

group agrees, yolanda agrees


paul: still not clear how to eliminate redundancy

paolo: deadline for document to be completed?

<ivan> end of march is the rdf workshop submission deadline...

yolanda: when is fine, but who is also needed
... many requirements do not stem clearly from the use cases

<Paolo> agree

<Paolo> with Yolanda

<ssahoo2> I agree with luc

Luc proposes to have a few flagship use cases to build the narrative around them. However, he would not discard the remaining ones because they might be relevant to some readers while flagship ones maybe aren't.

<Paolo> ok, but who decides which use cases are key?

<Luc> agreed with yolanda

how to pick the flagship use cases?

<Paolo> ok

Yolanda: first merge existing ones, then pick

<Paolo> +1

I agree with that

Yolanda: prioritization is needed. There are more than 170 requirements

<Luc> i usggested to make erequirements hierarchical where possible

yolanda: ok with prioritizing. A hierarchy of res shall be defined

Paul agrees to do it

<Paolo> happy to help as well

<Luc> i am happy to help too

<ssahoo2> I can also help

<jun> +1

<jcheney> happy to help in other ways too

<pgroth> cool

all other co-editors to support

<Paolo> agree

Deadline: end of February- beginning of March

<jun> that's a reasonable timeline

Yolanda: how to index our literature references. Do we do it on the current set of reqs or wait until a definitive doc is redy?

<pgroth> what is the core?

paolo proposes to use Mendelay and create a core of references from those mentioned in the use cases and bound to the requirements.

<pgroth> so the suggestion is to just add references to the requirements page

<pgroth> where are the other 300?

<pgroth> all papers have urls

how to point to an intem in the Mendelay collection? Just get an id

<pgroth> +1 for requirements

<pgroth> not the narrative

<pgroth> wiki

<jcheney> can we make a big wiki page with bibtex entries?


<Paolo> paul I'm checking

reqs document agreed to be a wiki document

<Paolo> Paul I see 194 refs in the Mendely collection

<pgroth> i was referring to luc's paper :-)

<Paolo> ah sorry :-)

+1 to tyolanda

<pgroth> +1

everyone to contribute references to requirements

<pgroth> i'll take money from the us :-)

next topic: Mark's point on provenance project

correction. next topic: planning next phase of the group

yolanda: bringing speaker from DC, DB, CC, user community, named graph...

Ivan contacted ben adida. interested, but not clear when could participate

<pgroth> i can get someone who is on the e-government calls

<pgroth> cool

<pgroth> data.gov.uk

John Sheridan from UK national archive to come talk to us next week

<Christine> excellent thanks Yolanda

<Paolo> great!

Chris Bizer to present on named graphs in March

<keckert> yes, i have this on my list and will contact michael next week about that

Kai to bring someone from DC

<pgroth> so questioning our group think :-)

paolo to bring people from digital preservation and DLs, important topics in next calls in EU, to share their views on provenance with us.

+1 to paolo's proposal

next topic: session devoted to OPM?

<pgroth> +1

<Paolo> yes

+1 to OPM session

<Irini> +1 to OPM

<ivan> +1

<jun> +1

<pgroth> thanks for the reminder

<Paolo> so Luc's role is facilitation rather than lecturing?

Luc to present the major features of OPM to the group (30 mins, rest of telco time for discussion)

<Paolo> ok

<pgroth> 15 minutes

all to read relevant documents ahead

<pgroth> it's not that complicated

Luc proposes to shorten presentation to 15 minutes.

<pgroth> 26 is better

OPM session on 19th

<Paolo> maybe we can put this entire dense social agenda on the wiki somewhere?

<Paolo> all the speakers etc

<ivan> bye!

trackbot, end telcon

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