25 Jan 2010

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<nalbarr> john, is there a call today?

Yes, we are on Narciso

Hi Ronald

<nalbarr> oh ok

<Ronald> Hi

<mscottm> scribenick: johnM

<nalbarr> sorry john i always misplace the call in number

<ericP> scribenic: johnM

<nalbarr> thanks

<ericP> nalbarr, that's for you

Harold solbrig will update us on the status of the mayo terminology servers

Harold: the link to get to his servers is
... http://sharedname.org/page/OntologyAccess
... so this is the Shared Names wiki website
... the owner of this website is Science Commons and it is run by the Shared Names goup

Scott: consensus has been reached as to how shared names should work
... the scope of shared names does not include terminologies

Harold: would like Shared Names to include terminologies
... will talk about (1) Mayo's use of S.N. and (2) join Stanford/Mayo use of S.N.
... #1 Definition: "Terminological Resource" includes "ontology", but the latter is used in heterogeneous fashion
... Harold means T.R. to be broader than "ontology"
... He defines T.R. to be "a collection of assertions about a set of identifiers"
... (you can see this on the referenced webpage) under the heading "Terminological Resources"
... #2 The phrase Unique Resource Identifier is ambiguous
... Harold means an identifier to a unique resource

<mscottm> Harold: We are being pragmatic about identifying digital resources (equiv. to SN approach to describing database records)

Harold: in other words a given resource can have many unique resource identifiers
... individual terminological identifiers such as http://www.w3.org/TR/2003/CR-owl-guide-20030818/wine#BURGUNDY or urn:iso:2.16.840.1.113883.6.96:284196006 (Burn of skin in SNOMED-CT) do not resolve to a single digital resource and, as such, are clearly outside of the scope of the shared names initiative
... Harold thinks shared names should include (1) a service that returns a canonical uri for a uri
... (2) an explicit /ontology top-level domain where people can reposit ontologies

Xiaoshu: should this be a search engine or a registry?

Harold: a registry

Xiaoshu: This concerns me. You can't have any master registry that determines what is the same resource
... what is the same is determined by how people use the resource
... not by referring to a registry
... What is most important is that we share URI's. When sharing URI's benefits us, this is evidence that we understand each other

Eric: the goal of S.N. is as follows
... we have a proliferation of uri's
... multiple people have coined identifiers for what is effectively the same object/concept
... the world is better if you have fewer
... what are the requirements to make this happen

JohnM: How do we make this happen in the real world?
... a baby babbles and uses the verbalization "moo" for "milk"
... his mother figures out he means "milk"

Harold: http://sharedname.org/page/Main_Page is the project main page

Xiaoshu: if this is a registry, it will be useful

Scott: s.n. scope chosen to avoid clashes with the ontology community

Harold & Xiaoshu: long discussion of uri/urn and what they are good for, whether they must be derererencable

whoops I will close my window

<mscottm> tx!

H & X: discussion of http 303 redirect

Scott: Pistoia is a pharma consortium that is looking at pooling information resources
... http://tpainc.ning.com/

<mscottm> John: Some comments about HL7

<mscottm> Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise


<mscottm> bye

Summary of Action Items

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