SVG Working Group Teleconference

14 Jan 2010


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[Microsoft], Shepazu, [IPcaller], ed, anthony, ChrisL




<trackbot> Date: 14 January 2010

<ed> PD: may 24 is a holiday

<ed> ...public holiday, office closed

<ChrisL> belgium public holidays http://www.worldtravelguide.net/country/30/public_holidays/Europe/Belgium.html

<scribe> scribe: anthony

brussels f2f

F2F dates

DS: I'd like to have a F2F at MS

PD: Same
... except for that Monday

<ChrisL> 24 May Whit Monday.

PD: I checked on 24th - 26th

CL: Take Thursday, Friday
... then have the Monday off
... so 4 day meeting
... but a break in the middle
... it's already a 7 day stretch
... so we do need a break
... then the next meeting after that would be the spill over meeting

DS: What about having the F2F after LGM

CL: Might be a bit tired with all those days in a row
... could do Tue, Wed
... Thur - Sun is LGM
... then Monday is spill over meeting
... then F2F meeting

DS: Do you know if we can get in on Monday?

PD: I can't even get it on Monday

<ChrisL> so I suggest tues weds 25-25 for meeting, then lgm 27-30, joint meeting mon 31, and extra days tues and weds 1-2 june?

DS: What about meeting at a hotel or the conference venue on Monday
... the 24th, then MS Tue - Wed
... then the following Monday have the open day

PD: Just to be clear May 25 - 26

DS: Have about at the most 10 people

CL: What about June 1 - 2?

PD: If rooms are still need and we can't provide space at the office
... we can arrange other things

DS: We have a lot of unfinished work. So we can organise the agenda
... so that there are topics we can discuss while PD is around

AG: DOM Summit dates?

DS: Still organising dates
... we could sneak in a one day web TP
... suggested by Fantasai

<ChrisL> unconference was her suggestion


Update on remaining actions

ED: Want to see if anyone wants to take action of JWatt
... back porting text

CL: I'm already moving some stuff
... still working on the spec atm

PD: Is it shifting features back?

CL: No just clarifications
... can't add new features

Remove child in <use> email question

PD: We weren't sure what the right behaviour was
... inconsistent rendering

DS: If the use is referencing an element and you remove that element
... then the use element stays in the DOM
... but it doesn't rendering

PD: Is it helpful for me to say where we find these problems on the list?

DS: Yes please post them to the public list
... we can work with the IG to make tests
... in some cases these problems are due to ambiguities in the spec
... in which case we have to make an errata

PD: I think in the case of that <use> we were looking at what Safari did

ED: Any inconsistency you find is good for the IG. Helps them make torture tests

<ed> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-svg-wg/2010JanMar/0013.html

Error Handling

<ChrisL> this was fixed in tiny1.2

PD: We just noticed that the error processing was clear about processing non-svg elements

DS: You could have an element with a circle nested in it
... the element doesn't render by the circle does

PD: Should that clarification go in?

DS: We should issue an errata for that one

ED: Although SVG 1.1 has the halt and show a highly perceivable indication of error thing

DS: This is a validity error
... not a well formness error

CL: If it's well formness it has to halt where you're up to
... Tiny 1.2 is more clear about validity errors

<shepazu> <line x1="30" y1="10" x2="80" y2="10" stroke-width="10" stroke="black"/>

<shepazu> <line x1="30" y1="10" x2="80" y2="10" style="stroke-width: 10; stroke: black;"/>

<ed> data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><line x1="30" y1="10" x2="80" y2="10" style="stroke-width: 10; stroke: black;"/></svg>

ED: This data line will show a 10 pixel stroke
... my guess is if we introduce SVG only properties they will have quirks

CL: Try out with 'font-size'

ED: With font-size it makes a difference

<ed> data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><line x1="30" y1="10" x2="80" y2="10" style="stroke-width: 10; stroke: black;"/><text y="100" style="font-size:30px">with px unit</text><text y="200" style="font-size:30">no unit</text></svg>

CL: From a user perspective it's totally broken

DS: So what should be the behaviour?

ED: So in this case Safari seems to render the unit of the same size
... Safari and Opera discard the value

DS: We should talk with CSS about this

CL: We've started too
... if it's CSS, SVG has to use the CSS rules
... but if it's SVG we get to say how it works

DS: We might consider for consistency sake, that our properties need units
... or getting them to shift

CL: Well they wont shift
... and there are things that don't have units
... the idea of SVG is it's scalable

Gradient investigation

AG: Still needs to be done

css/svg tf

DS: I think the next thing to do is ask them if they want to do it

ED: Any other input for areas of coordination
... otherwise I'll take an action to send the email we've been working on CSS
... email the group, cc the chairs and the contacts

Erik to Send the email about CSS and SVG Task Force to the CSS Working Group

<scribe> ACTION: Erik to Send the email about CSS and SVG Task Force to the CSS Working Group [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/01/14-svg-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2713 - Send the email about CSS and SVG Task Force to the CSS Working Group [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-01-21].

svgwg blog

DS: The CSS WG has a blog that they put a lot of things on
... summary of minutes
... I thought it might be good for us to do something like that as well
... I made a blog of our own to do something similar
... we can't have comments enabled on it
... because the software is old
... and it doesn't have spam filtering
... another thing that the CSS WG has is a Twitter account
... so I made an SVG WG Twitter account
... so Chris, Erik, Cameron, Doug have account name and passwords
... if the rest you want to post something that is group related
... please let me know

CL: I just tried testing the working group blog by posting a comment
... and it didn't post a comment

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Erik to Send the email about CSS and SVG Task Force to the CSS Working Group [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/01/14-svg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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