Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Teleconference

24 Nov 2009


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DKA, SeanP, achuter, adam, francois, miguel
jeffs, EdC, Kai, tomhume, yeliz


London F2F

DKA: The F2F meeting is at the Paddington office.
... I will get the information together for a logistics page to Francois.
... We can reuse of the WebApps WG logistics.
... Do we have enough material for 3 days of meetings. Should we shorten the agenda?
... We have 3 days of meeting space. So far we only 6 participants.
... If there is anyone on the call that hasn't said they are going to participate, please sign up.

SeanP: I'll miss the Wed. F2F day. Be there for Thurs. and Fri.

Francois: If we only have 6 participants, maybe we should only use 2 days instead of 3.

DKA: It would be useful to turn one of the days into an editorial session, even with a limited number participants.
... We can get closer to finishing the documents.

Francois: I'm not saying we can't fill the three days. I'm just hearing complaints that we may not need the 3 days.

DKA: I think we could spend the time to finish the documents.

MWABP Status Update

<francois> Last comments from Robin Berjon on MWABP

Adam: Going through the edits. We can make come editorial changes to clarify things.
... The edited version will be ready by the end of the week.

DKA: What does that mean for our schedule? Will there be a draft for the F2F?

Adam: Should have version out this week.

DKA: I'm thinking about comments. If we could use the F2F time to respond to comments, then we'll be in good position.

Adam: All of the changes to be made are editorial changes and tweaks.
... We should be in good shape when that gets done.

Francois: I think it is a good idea to go back to the commenters as soon as possible. I think it is possible to release the document before the end of the year.
... If there are no major changes, it is possible to move to CR.
... Thanks Adam. Everyone should review the comments.

Adam: In Robin's comments, he asks that we be more specific on BONDI.

DKA: I can take an action to review that.

Adam: What is the specific reference you are talking about.

<francois> ACTION: dan to review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/11/24-bpwg-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-1026 - Review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets [on Daniel Appelquist - due 2009-12-01].

Adam: It is
... In, there is a reference to 406. I don't have a strong opinion on that.

DKA: What have discussed in the past on the 406 issue? Have we discussed sending Human read able text.

Adam: Jo may have a comment on

Francois: This is applicable to the CTG as well.
... Sometimes mobile browsers don't display the human readable text.

<francois> MWABP 3.6.4 section

DKA: What does the MWABP say about it now?

Francois: We could add the human readable text information.

<francois> Ref. to 406 in CT

DKA: Is there text we can take from the CTG to put in the MWABP?

Francois: There some text about mobile browsers not displaying the human readable text.

<DKA> Suggested text: "...along with a human readable content explaining the situation in more detail. However, some browsers do not display the content of HTTP 406 Status responses."

<achuter> sorry, noscript

Alan: Need to handle the NOSCRIPT element..

Adam: Should we reference the CTG?

DKA: Shouldn't reference the CTG in the MWABP.

Adam: Have we dealt with NOSCRIPT before?

DKA: I don't think so.

Adam: We should get Jo's thoughts on NOSCRIPT.
... Need to talk about CANVAS tag. When should SVG be used and when should CANVAS be used?

DKA: Doesn't it make it even more flakey, if we back away from our current tepid recommendations on this issue?

Adam: I suppose so.

DKA: Did Robin have specific recommendations?

Adam: Just to say that SVG and CANVAS should be compared, just mentioned.

DKA: Let me see if I can get Robin to give some recommendations.

Adam: Could handle the comments on SVG and CANVAS and BONDI?

DKA: Ok.
... We could get Robin to call into the F2F.

Adam: There are some areas that I don't have strong feelings on, so I'd like the rest of the group to talk about it.


DKA: Can we do anything without Jo?
... Can you help Francois?

Francois: We have the usual issues with CT that we need to figure out how to resolve.
... We got some more comments that were related to the first group of comments. The W3C had some problems with blocking of email, so that is why we didn't receive a lot of comments at first.
... We received some comments from Luca Passani and Mark Nottingham, for example.

DKA: We need to publish the CT document in a meaningful way. It is an important document.
... We could organize a special editorial meeting at the end of this week?

Francois: We should handle this on next weeks call when we have more CT participants.

DKA: Jo will not be on next week's call. We're going to have to do the editorial meeting this Monday.
... I'll try to organize a call on Monday morning (11/30).
... Around 3:30 UTC.
... need to get this done before the F2F.


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: dan to review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/11/24-bpwg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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