Provenance XG - Telecon 30-10-2009

30 Oct 2009


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Raphael, Yolanda, Deborah, Luc, Satia, Paolo, Irini, Christine, Joshua, Simon, Paul, JimM



yep, perfect, I will ping Yolanda so she can request trackbot to be attached to this group

<scribe> scribe: raphael

<scribe> scribenick: raphael

wow, someone has dialed very early

who has called ?

who has just called zakim ?

<pgroth> me

Paul, you were the first ?

<pgroth> i think, i just dialed in

<Irini> Ηι

<Irini> Hi, this is Irini Fundulaki from Greece (+30 2810..)

<smiles> Hello, I (Simon Miles) am here too

<paolo> hi all

please, when you join, state your name

so Zakim can recognize

<ssahoo2> ssahoo2 is satya sahoo

Web IRC is available at http://cgi.w3.org/member-bin/irc/irc.cgi pass the message

1. Introduction

Yolanda: I thank everybody, more than 35 people have joined the group and more will join
... I'm available as chair for anyone who has concern, issue
... a lot of people couldn't join today, but wanted to start early

Raphael: I'm willing to show you the magic commands
... I'm very sorry, I'm disconnected often


<paolo> whois?

<rreck> what is the conference call code?

<pgroth> conference call code is : 98765

<ssahoo2> conf code 98765

Raphael: introducing quickly to some irc commands

<rreck> i can answer that

<rreck> you decide who you are based on timing

<rreck> i thought the call started at 11 EDT

<pgroth> it does

<pgroth> where are you at rreck

<pgroth> ?

2. Participants introductions

<rreck> washington DC metro, so EDT

Yolanda: all, please introduce you very briefly on the phone
... but use the mailing list to introduce you with more details, providing links to paper and research
... I'm starting, I have done work using provenance for trust in knowledge base ... provenance in workflow system

<rreck> q question mark tells you who is on the queue

Luc: I'm Luc Moreau from Uni. of Southampton
... I'm working in Provenance since a lot of time, interoperability, creating with some others the Provenance Challenge
... we have 20-25 teams working on this activity ... result is OPM, the Open Provenance Model, used in the last edition of the challenge
... more than 400 papers have been published on this topic
... will send a paper by the end of the next week

Raphael: I believe I have transcribed everything :-)

<ssahoo2> satya sahoo

Satya: use semantic web technique for representing provenance, made a formal ontology
... with Paolo and Juliana ... just run the Provenance Workshop @ISWC

Paolo: I'm from Uni. of Manchester, interested in Provenance since 2 years
... I will ask feedback to people about interface?
... regarding OPM, work in a specific profile, we have participated in the 3rd year challenge of the provenance challenge
... we should put in the wiki more links to the provenance challenge results?

ALL: please feel free to correct me if I'm scribing things wrongly

Jim Myers: Uni of Irvine

<YolandaG> Jim Myers is at NCSA, not Irvine

<ssahoo2> Jim is at NCSA Univ of Illinois

scribe: involved a lot in OPM and in the provenance challenge
... more details posted to the list

Paul: Free University of Amsterdam
... interested in mashups?

<pgroth> vrije unviersity amsterdam

<pgroth> btw

Irini: FORTH team, got a paper in ISWC 2 days ago

<rreck> sorry i missed the paper. do you have a link to it ?

Thanks Paul

<Irini> please substitute FORTH with FORTH

<rreck> joshua: i am in chantilly

Joshua Philips: Invited expert

<Irini> link to the FORTH paper: http://iswc2009.semanticweb.org/wiki/index.php/ISWC_2009_Research_Track#10:30__.09_Semantics:_Reasoning_and_Provenance

who is talking?

<Deborah> Jim McCusker

<rreck> me too!

Christine: Internet Society, not on IRC, interest in provenanc for privacy and data protection

<Deborah> Deborah L McGuinness

<Deborah> Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science Tetherless World Constellation RPI (previously led Stanford University�s Knowledge Systems Laboratory)

<Deborah> Inference Web � Knowledge Provenance Interlingua Environment � http://inference-web.org

<Deborah> Uses

<Deborah> PML � Proof Markup Language � Knowledge Provenance Interlingua - http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/KSL_Abstracts/KSL-07-07.html

Deborah: RPI now, interested in provenance to improve trust
... work in the Proof Markup Language

<Deborah> retrying to post info

<Deborah> Deborah L McGuinness

<Deborah> Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science Tetherless World Constellation RPI (previously led Stanford University�s Knowledge Systems Laboratory)

<Deborah> Inference Web � Knowledge Provenance Interlingua Environment � http://inference-web.org

<Deborah> Uses

<Deborah> PML � Proof Markup Language � Knowledge Provenance Interlingua - http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/KSL_Abstracts/KSL-07-07.html

it's ok Deborah, already recorded ... thought you have strange characters in your sentences

<paolo> I sent a link to the SWPM wiki yesterday through the mlist, not sure it was distributed correctly?

3. Goal of this XG

Yolanda: we are an Incubator Group, XG, and NOT a WG, so we will not develop a recommendation

<Deborah> ok - thx raphael - is there a url where we can view the full recording? (i only can see text since i rejoined irc)

Yolanda: we will rather explore new area and provide guidance to W3C of what should be done in this domain

Deborah, here

<rreck> yes, I sent you an email to that effect

Yolanda: mailing list is public, and archived, so everything you send is accessible for ever
... we need to define the scope? of the work
... provenance is present in a very broad range of domains
... in the context of the Semantic Web, a lot of interest for Linked Data

Raphael: indeed, there is at least me, Olaf Hartif here ... in the Washington DC VoCamp in the Library of Congress, and we are discussing Provenance vocabularies

Yolanda: goal is to describe the landscape of the various intiatives

<pgroth> Paul

<pgroth> as well raphael :-)

Yolanda: identify the aspect of provenance thant concerns various communities including Semantic Web
... ultmately we will provide a state of the art on the topic ... and a roadmap that could recommend some standardisation effort
... wiki will be a good place to collaboratively contribute

<jmyers4> and present + Jim M?

Yolanda: open forum so that everyone can comment

thanks all for your help :-)

<rreck> i would send some lessons learned from the social XG

???: Problem with the wiki ... is it write protected?

<pgroth> what's the url of the wiki?

scribe: can you add all participants of this XG as wiki user?

WIKI URL: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Main_Page

Rreck: I want to give you my experience with the Social Web XG ... how to use the wiki for writing use cases

<rreck> i think i forwarded those to you

<rreck> i would be glad to post them

Yolanda: which use cases from the SW XG would be interesting for this group?

rreck, please, send anything to the PUBLIC mailing list and not privalety to the chair

since this group operates in public

<rreck> right, i havent joined the group offcially

<rreck> and she asked me to do so

<rreck> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/socialweb/wiki/UserStories#Tracking_Sources

Yolanda: the charter is frozen

<rreck> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/socialweb/wiki/UserStories#Shills_Posting_False_Information_to_Dilute_the_Truth

could you please all state your name before talking ? I cannot yet match voices with names

<pgroth> that was pgroth

<pgroth> i should have used the speaker queue

Paul: I suggest we liaise with other groups / other organizations

Raphael: are you suggesting some particular groups and organisations ?

<rreck> maybe we can come up with a template for usecases?

Yolanda: if you have a w3c account, you should be able to edit the wiki
... we need to structure it as well, have a part of use cases, use stories, etc.
... who is willing to organize a top level structure for the wiki ?
... I'm asking for a volunteer

who has talked ?

<rreck> its seems that security to the wiki is group specific, therefore all w3c accounts will not automatically work

<smiles> Paul talked

Paul: I volunteer, didn't get your name

<paolo> Washington DC VoCamp in the Library of Congress, and we are discussing Provenance vocabularies

<rreck> i wish i had the stamina to have attended

<Deborah> great paolo - you might mention this group and the upcoming ipaw - june 15-16, and challenge june 17 at RPI

<paolo> Deborah is there a CFP for IPAW already?

4. Plan for the next meting

<Deborah> coming very soon

<paolo> ok thx

Yolanda: I think we should start with some use cases

<rreck> i agree that setting milestones is a great idea

<Deborah> it will go up at http://tw.rpi.edu/portal/IPAW2010

Yolanda: we will spend time with more introduction with the ones who couldn't make it today, and then discuss high level goals for the group

<rreck> might i recommend a template for usecases?

<Deborah> +1 to template suggestion

Yolanda: anyone wants to suggest other topics for discussion ?

+1 for template for use cases

<pgroth> simon? template

<rreck> i will take that action

Yolanda: I would put a discussion item next week for such a template

Simon: I will work on one?

I would certainly help next week scribe, thanks Paolo

Next scribe: Paolo

<pgroth> luc's survey

Luc's survey is indeed the right things to start with

Paoo: what is the current timeline to have this survey available

Luc: I hope to release the survey by next week

Irini: I can provide some links also, since we are preparing a survey as well on the topic

5. AOB

I will email details on the mailing list for wiki access

<ian_oliver> Thank you all and good night

Yolanda: anything elese ?

<rreck> bye


meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

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