SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference

13 Oct 2009

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alewis, padams, eric, Derek, mphillip




<trackbot> Date: 13 October 2009

<eric> Mark, are you going to join us on the phone?

yes, just dialling

<eric> Scribe: Mark

TOPIC 1) Appointment of the scribe

Approval of prior meeting minutes

Last calls:


No objections to minutes

Review the agenda

No objections to Agenda

Review action items

Actions: http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/soapjms/tracker/actions/open

Eric: No progress on outstanding actions

Derek: Has started on FAQ

Mark: Slow progress should finish action next week

URI specification

Eric: Some progress with Oracle - hoping for more next week

Raised issues


Accepting proposals to close open issues

Issue 14: http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/soapjms/tracker/issues/14

Discussion on Section 3.4.2:

Eric: Outlined proposed changes

Mark: Is there an assertion for this?

Eric: No

Phil: ...and that may be OK - if the transport value is not set to that value then it is not SOAP/JMS

Eric: Someone else could invent an alternative SOAP/JMS protocol which uses a different transport, and that would not conform to this spec.

Amy: There is a core SOAP/JMS binding spec with no Service Description, and 2 optional sections for WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2

Phil: So someone can claim compliance for the core binding spec, but not the extensions?

Amy: Correct

Phil: IBM WebSphere would like to claim compliance for the core spec. without WSDL - only a URI is required by the client

Amy: As long as IBM does not claim compliance for WSDL then that is OK (assuming compliance to the core )

Mark: Our WSDL tests should all check for a valid SOAP/JMS transport value (other values are valid but they would not be compliant, and the test should fail)
... So we should have an assertion for this statement

Phil: What would the assertion say? Shouldn't we document the exception that must be thrown?

Amy: No, failing the assertion just means that the WSDL is not relevant to us

Phil: So it could be a valid WSDL, but not spec. compliant

Eric: We *could* restate this "the SOAP/JMS binding is in use if, and only if, the transport attribute has the SOAP/JMS value"
... So if IBM was happy with just having a SOAP/JMS URI in the WSDL (and not the transport attribute ) then the IBM implementation would not be compliant with the WSDL extensions in the spec. (but could be compliant with the core)
... But then the WSDL may not be WS-I compliant if it used the SOAP/HTTP value in the transport and a SOAP/JMS URI
... So the question is, should this be a normative statement

Amy: Yes, it gives us a threshold - if the transport is not set to this value then no further checks are required - the WSDL is not conformant to the SOAP/JMS spec.
... A compliant vendor should not treat a WSDL without this transport value as SOAP/JMS
... This is a binary on/off switch to determine SOAP/JMS WSDL

All are fine with Eric's proposed wording for 3.4.2

Eric: propose adding a sentence to Section 3.4.5 which mandates a jms: URI in the @location

Mark: This bounds the scope of the spec. to only supporting the URI we have defined - and so is a sensible addition

Phil: Agreed
... The sentence states "although the "soap" prefix corresponds " - the prefix is not "soap"

action eric to correct the "soap" prefix reference in section 3.4.5

<trackbot> Created ACTION-116 - Correct the "soap" prefix reference in section 3.4.5 [on Eric Johnson - due 2009-10-20].

RESOLUTION: all approve the proposal for 3.4.5

Eric: propose we make the corresponding changes in Section 3.5 for WSDL2

Mark Questioning SHOULD vs. MUST on the statement about using URI

RESOLUTION: All agreed the proposed resolution to Isuue 14

action Phil to make the updates for issue 14

<trackbot> Created ACTION-117 - Make the updates for issue 14 [on Phil Adams - due 2009-10-20].

Out of time

Summary of Action Items

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