29 Sep 2009

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Andi_Snow_Weaver, David_Bolter, Cooper, Cynthia_Shelly




<scribe> Scribe: Andi

<davidb> hi Andi

<davidb> 2274?



look at list of things we wanted to get into the WD on November 17th

Must have the role mapping table and state/property mapping table as complete as possible for the next draft

Review these tables at UAI TF meeting in two weeks

Must review Error Handling section for correctness

Should get the error handling information integrated into the appropriate sections of the UAIG

must fill out Actions table (Cynthia) and event table on state/property chnages (David)

Should do CSS selectors and table on properties that cause other actions to be available

action items

CS sent note on action/event table but hasn't gotten response

SP was to review the document and give feedback - no word from SP and he's not here today

DB: 7182 - nothing yet


<davidb> we expose container-atomic object attribute in FF

Section 5

IDREF/IDREFS - might be more appropriate in 3.6.3 Relations section

ID also used with aria-activedescendent

aria-activedescendent expects only one IDREF

relations can have multiple IDREFS

bug - Andi - look through WAI-ARIA spec, find all the properties that have IDREFs, determine if 3.6.3 Relations is the right place to discuss these.

Value type: decimal

bug - Cynthia - find out what IE does for Value type: Decimal and Integer

UA Validation - is a MAY

maybe this section goes in section 4 Special Document Handling


All of these fit in with discussion at the beginning of 3.4 Role Mapping

When an author changes a role dynamically, it's considered incorrect practice but it does happen so UA's are handling it

CS: adding aria role seems reasonable but changing aria role should not be allowed

<davidb> DB: yeah



bug - add for these issues

<MichaelC> Tracker issues on UAI: http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/Group/track/products/10

CS: if not requiring UA to do validation, then just pass it through and it's wrong
... don't think we should be asking browser to make decisions about nesting structure
... validator should catch, not the browser

DB: IA2 and ATK have special interfaces (i.e. AccessibleTable)

browser shouldn't do anything special to handle

States and Properties should be integrated into 3.5 State/Property Mapping section

Propogating errors to ATs should go with validation section

Summary of Action Items

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