SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference

15 Sep 2009

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alewis, padams, eric, +0196287aaaa, Yves, mphillip, Derek




<trackbot> Date: 15 September 2009

<padams> <<< wonders if we'll have a quorum today :)

<eric> Indeed.

<scribe> Scribe: Mark

1 Appointment of the scribe

3) Review the agenda

no issues

4) Review action items

http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/soapjms/tracker/actions/111 - Eric

<scribe> Pending issue creation

<scribe> No progress on other actions

5) URI specification:

Eric: Still chasing Oracle for permission to use new IP language

6) Raised issues:


7) Accepting proposals to close open issues

8) Accepting applied resolutions:

no quorum for these discussion

9) FAQ


All to read Eric's note on WS-I discussion

10) Testing

No updates

11) Implementations - any updates?

No updates

ACTION mphillip to Discuss UDDI entry wording with IBM UDDI rep.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-113 - Discuss UDDI entry wording with IBM UDDI rep. [on Mark Phillips - due 2009-09-22].

Approval of prior meeting minutes

Minutes are approved

Review Action Items

http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/soapjms/tracker/actions/68 - Derek

Derek: No progress


Eric: TIBCO should have an implementation later this year - not clear how complete this is yet (i.e. whether it will support WSDL)

Phil: Will check on progress of CXF implementation



Phil: WRT test cases - a number of none WSDL test cases are documented, but what else should we do to help implementations to use the test suite
... Presumably different vendors will require quite different implementations

Eric: Could provide a layer which intercepts messages and checks they are formed correctly (without changing them)
... Have wondered if there is an in-memory JMS implementation which could be used as a test harness
... e.g. Redhat has a JMS implementation which uses AMQP... These messages uses a published wire format so could be intercepted and checked
... Or provide a JMS implementation for Apache Axis, or CXF with a message validation layer
... Next week's meeting just needs to over the two outstanding issues, so suggest we skip next next week's call

Summary of Action Items

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