MW4D bi-monthly meeting

03 Aug 2009


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Stephane Boyera (W3C), Lauri Hirvonen (Nokia), Raphael Dard (Intracen), Arun Kumar (IBM), Mira Slavova (Invited Expert), Judy Brewer (W3C), Yoshiko Kurisaki (ICV/ISF)
Raphael, Steph




presentation of new participants

yoshiko: i'm part of ICV and ISF (engineer without bordier)

<Raphael> Welcome Yoshiko

<Raphael> http://www.icvolunteers.org/ ?

<Raphael> Steph, I can contibute to scribing


<Raphael> Steph: Judy Brewer to discuss accessibility

<Raphael> today

<Raphael> she has advices for us

approval of last meeting minutes

<Raphael> OK with me



review of action items

review of action items

Ken to link with people at georgia tech and present what we are

doing and see if they are interested to join

<scribe> done

<scribe> ACTION: steph to contact mike best [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/08/03-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]

Raphael to develop the concept of context/scorecardand propose

a visual representation of the recommandation

<scribe> Done

raphael: more work done in hte comment, but this part is need done

more work on hte roadmap

next step: let's hear about accessibility before

Stephane to use color to show the state of actions

<scribe> done

Stephane to add the meaning of colors in the discussion page

<scribe> done


Stephane to summarize discussion around technology in the

discussion page


<scribe> done

Betty to look into maputo workshop report and see the matching

with existing challenges in the roadmap

<scribe> ongoing


<Raphael> Betty could not make it today (for the conference)

<Raphael> http://www.digitalworldforum.eu/


<Judy> hi steph, shall i join now?

hi Judy

yes please

<Judy> calling...

<Yoshiko> 3q+

<Lauri> Lauri managed to log into IRC using the generator in non-electricity remote island in Finland.


<Raphael> Judy: Web accessibility becomes a government-level issue, with (UN driven) policies being adopted

<Yoshiko> 3may i make an intervention?

<Lauri> In Finland the Governement has approved a program to boost the creation of High Speed Internet Access to everyone in Finland.

<Raphael> Yoshiko: Accessibility is important to keep. We did touch the subject with literacy, pictograms, etc.


raphael: touch it the issue of trad. accessibility issue might be misleading

it should be mentionned as issues we canot deep into digly

judy: one thing, no point ot go into technical depht

we are doing that

opportunity to reference body of work mature

terminology is important

contribute to musunderstanding

broader use of access

we are encouraging to use the broad sense

accessbility of the web for people with disabilities

coupling accessibility and disabilities

how to mention briefly and appropriately


essential to mention something is essential, important not to be overlook

important doc joint between wai and mwi

statistics on disability

not less and probably higher in developing countries

<Yoshiko> 3q+

<Lauri> disabilities are also problem in developed countries. Governement in Finland has programs how to support blind and hearing probem people. Those are extended also to Internet.

<Raphael> in any way, the need for accessibility definition is great, I agree with Judy

<Arun> http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs282/en/

<Arun> About 87% of the world's visually impaired live in developing countries.

<Raphael> Judy, Arun: often more people with disabilities in developing economies, making accessibility issue more important

<Arun> I recall we agreed to put challenges w.r.t. disabilities in the doc

<Lauri> An other problem is to support those people who don't understand local language (like refugees). There is a program to provide translator services to them but limited to when refugee has to communicate with governement. Not for their private life.

<Raphael> Judy: putting the accessibility issue under "6.1 Access Challenges" seems a good idea

yoshiko: issue with monopoly

and costs

not our major competence

important to mention the social constraints where the technology

takes lace

<Lauri> One brilliant application is, when a person using sign-language (speeking using only hands) have traslation service by video mobile phone call to "translator".

<Raphael> Judy, would you share useful (technically accessible) links on the accessibility issue with us?

<Judy> Raphael yes I would be happy to send some links for background.

<Raphael> thanks a lot

<Raphael> +1

<Yoshiko> 3judy, could we work together?

<miraS> sure, i agree too.

<Arun> I agree

REsolution: accessibility to be added in 6.1 with definition mention of existing work, and assistive tech

<Raphael> I agree

<Raphael> bye Judy

<scribe> ACTION: stephane to update the roadmap and the issue 5 in the discussion doc about accessibility [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/08/03-mw4d-minutes.html#action02]

<Raphael> steph: extra call next week?

<Raphael> OK with me

<miraS> yup

<miraS> ok with me too

<Arun> Fine with me too.

<Yoshiko> 3next week i'll be on holiday.

<Lauri> OK next week cc for me

<miraS> how should i submit the comments?


resolution: having a call august 10


<Yoshiko> 3q+


<Raphael> dard at intracen.org

<Yoshiko> 3yoshiko.kurisaki@icvolunteers.org


<Raphael> bye

<Arun> bye

<Lauri> Bye everybody

<Lauri> logout

<miraS> -Mira

<Yoshiko> 3talk to you in two weeks time!

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: steph to contact mike best [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/08/03-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: stephane to update the roadmap and the issue 5 in the discussion doc about accessibility [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/08/03-mw4d-minutes.html#action02]
[End of minutes]