09 Jul 2009

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Steph Troeth




<Aarron> Aarron here

<sniffles> hi aarron

<Aarron> hola

<scribe> scribenick: shepazu

<sniffles> * XG public procedures: wiki, mailing-list

<sniffles> * review breakout teams

<sniffles> * assign pre-Chattanooga work on deliverables

<sniffles> * membership

<sniffles> * SXSW 2010 proposal

XG public procedures: wiki, mailing-list

steph: we want to have the XG public procedures clear to everyone
... we started as a grass-roots group, using basecamp
... we are transitioning to the W3C XG procedures

<Yesha> could someone post the URL to the "site" of the group?

<Aarron> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/Main_Page

<Yesha> I logged in and it works well for me (using my w3c) account.

<Yesha> IT IS MINE

<sniffles> lol, thanks Yesha

steph: we have planned an OWEA retreat already, as part of WaSP

<Yesha> COMPAQ 1995 keyboard

<sniffles> could you mute if you're not speaking?

<sniffles> thanks :D

<Aarron> There's sort of a cult following around that keybord

<kazu> sorry to be late, now I'm listening discussion via skype.

<sniffles> hello dave, kazu

<sniffles> no problems

<dave> hi

[mauro introduces himself]

steph: mauro, can you let us know what sort of expectations that W3C has?

<sniffles> i like how shepazu summarises me so well ;)

mauro: the most important pieces are to comply with the charter
... the minutes should be public and published on w3.org space
... and I know you're planning to use the wiki
... and the work should be persistent and carried on through the public mailing list
... as long as you use the those, you can use your additionaly basecamp tools
... I know this seems like a lot of extra work, but it means a lot in terms of public credibility and openness

<mauro> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/

mauro: please contact me if you have any questions, I'm happy to help
... doug is pushy, so CC him, too

<Yesha> I will need to sign out... can I quickly ask something...

Yesha: I have a question about pointers to the curriculum
... we're interested in that for the University of Israel (?)

<Yesha> can u post it

<Yesha> :-)

steph: we are laying the groupwork in this XG

<Aarron> http://interact.webstadnards.org

<Aarron> http://opera.com/wsc

<sniffles> http://interact.webstandards.org/

steph: Aarron can point you to the resources we have now
... InterAct is focused on Educators' needs
... and Opera has 55 articles for students

Yesha: we would like these links to be added to the page, and we will translate them into hebrew

<Aarron> InterAct currently has 11 courses in first publications, and 15 more in the works for this year to be published in March of 2010

Yesha: we would created top-level summaries in hebrew, but not the course content

<Yesha> perfect! txs.



''[[Main_Page|WebApps]] ⇨ [[DOM3Events]] ⇨ Mousewheel''

Aarron: how can we organize the wiki?

shepazu: I use manual breadcrumbs (see example)

review breakout teams

glenda: should we organize this on the wiki, or basecamp?

shepazu: since the chattanooga meeting was planned before the XG was chartered, and had limited space, it should stay on basecamp, but it's up to you

steph: poeple who are interested in attending, they should let us know

<sniffles> there is room for 4 more people, but it would have to be out of their own pocket at this point

<dave> when is the chattanooga meeting?

glenda: we are designing the organization at this point, and will decide if we will stay in W3C at the end of our charter
... or create a new organization

Dave: I'm new here, and wonder if this came out of WaSP or where?

shepazu: a variety of places
... including individual companies

glenda: WaSP, InterAct, WebDirection North Education, and others, but we are now all working together
... we want to bring everyone up to speed
... who is new to the group
... do we let everyone in who is interested?
... do we ask them some questions first?
... how have you been using this sort of thing in your day-to-day work? what can you offer, or what do you need?

steph: we want to make sure everyone arrives at the same place
... where to we want to be in 3 years?
... it's very early on
... I'd like some expectations and outcome from this

glenda: I'm drafting the process for new members

Aarron: we need clear roles...

<Aarron> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/Curricula

Aarron: when each person joins, we should find where they can and will contribute

glenda: everyone welcome, but we would like commitment from veryone
... our expectations for good standing will be understanding of people's situations, but we do want to motivate people and set clear expectations

dave: Hi, I'm Dave McFarland
... I've been teaching for 10 years... graduate and undergrad
... I've written several books, which are used for training too

shepazu: we should all have bios

steph: yes, everyone should put up a bio, and what you are interested in helping with
... glenda will put her membership criteria and participation expectations up on the wiki in the next couple weeks

<kazu> where can I get my login info for the wiki? I'm not sure what "W3C Acccounts" are ... it's still closed for limited authors?

<sniffles> shepazu, can you answer kazu's question?

every participant should be able to edit the wiki, using your login credentials

<Aarron> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/SXSWi_2010_OWEA_Panel_Submission

SXSW 2010 proposal

glenda: I've been working on this

Aarron: I'm also organizing one for InterAct

glenda: have you read the owea proposal?
... and should they be combined?

Aarron: I think it's important that they be separate
... they need to see that a larger organization is coming together
... and there's a lot of material to cover

<Aarron> Last year's panel was called "No Web Professional Left Behind: Educating the Next Generation"

<sniffles> EduTF/InterAct panel proposal for 2010 titled: Integrate/Educate: Taking Web Standards to the Classroom

ben: I will add a few questions

<ben_friedman> I have the ability to record phone calls with the push of a button due to our fancy new IP Office setup. not sure if that is something that would be of value for these or other calls going forward but thought I'd throw that out.

<dave> bye and thanks

<kazu> I'm AC Rep so tried my account for W3C Member Area to login the wiki, but failed - maybe I'm missing something

Summary of Action Items

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