RWAB telecon

26 May 2009


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wiecha, jackjansen, unl, Steven




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Meeting day/time

We'll shift to Monday at 14:30 once we hear from Gregory if that works for him.

Brainstorming on XG Report

Oct 6 is the end of our charter period

Could we also get a conf paper out of this work?

Steven, Jack: good idea

<unl> +1

Document Engineering from ACM

also perhaps WWW

hard to get in

if we also did a deep dive on ubiquity that could work there

jack: also perhaps conferences on programming languages

focused on declarative web languages

Steven: have recently seen some conf announcements for declarative programming languages

<Steven> http://www.math.unipr.it/~gianfr/DeclProgr.html

<Steven> PPDP03: http://www.it.uu.se/ppdp03/

<Steven> http://www.dcc.fc.up.pt/ppdp09/cfp

<Steven> Missed the deadline for this year's

<Steven> http://www.acm.org/uist/uist2009/


for a venue like www we should talk a fair bit about ubuiquity as an enabling platform as well

and bring in mark and john as co-authors

Steven: and accessibility

given that's one of the advantages of declarative markups

Jack: for the report, we can pick any format we like? correct?

Steven: yes, we decide what goes in there

Jack: seem to be many angles

accessibility, integration, programmer productivity

Charlie: also the platform/ubiquity issues

jack: nail down these points, and then assume we do a chapter on each

then the conf paper can emphasize one or the other of these themes

e.g. for www, sw infrastructure, etc

Steven: yes


Jack: might well be one person in the group who is reasonable first author for each topic


accessibility (gregory)

runtime platform (mark, john)

integration: data model as API, MVC binding ideas (Jack, Charlie, John)

other coordination patterns: relevance, explicit controllers like SMIL, SCXML

Mark as emphasized just the basic event-oriented coordination (vs. method invocation)

as a means for transparency and accessibility

emergence of new markups, e.g. SMIL and ODF

goes back to platform issues

reuse goes in integration

data-driven UIs, e.g. repeat's as higher level coordination pattern between model and view

not necessarily tied to xf:repeat but a more general pattern

what about the XG "report"

what's the means to deliver?

how best do we have impact on the W3C with the XG report per se?

TPAC is still on

Philippe's demo got a fair bit of attention at the AC meeting

how do we make the "inside" story compelling?

Steven: what are we trying to achieve, a WG, Interest Group? or are we done?

make it compelling that we've used the current runtime/browsers for new markups

Steven: so make the case for a standard way to do this

so there would be future work...how to do this

how you bind js libraries to markups, create a driver etc etc

flip side of XHTML modularization

how to implement without being native

Jack: this is the infrastructure layer of ubiquity

Steven: we'd end up standardizing ubiquity

or some variant of it

Jack: ubiquity++ that formalizes how to attach the "glue"

2nd point is bringing MVC and the backplane into the HTML world

Steven: sort of independent of HTML

mix and match with HTML rather than impacting the HTML wg per se

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