RWAB Telecon

19 May 2009


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wiecha, jackjansen, Steven
John, Uli




<wiecha> Scribe: Steven

Call times

Charlie: Is a time change of Mondays, a half hour earlier than it now starts, for 30 mins each week

(Europe 4.30-5pm)

Steven: Next Monday is a public holiday in US and Europe

Charlie: Let's start in 2 weeks time
... depending on Gregory

Jack: Mondays would be great for me
... or Thursdays

Steven: Not Thursdays for me

Charlie: If Gregory can't make it, then we'll stick to this time
... on Tuesdays
... but for 30 mins

<wiecha> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2009May/att-0005/finance-app.gif


Charlie: Note that the SVG is part of the presentation, and not in the page
... we have submitted a paper or two
... including proposing extensions to ODF

<jackjansen> lost call...

Charlie: which means we could add ODF to the mix
... But I'd like to anticipate how we can use SMIL additions
... so maybe we can brainstorm here

Jack: Steven and I, and a colleague, and Dick Bulterman had a brainstorm session yesterday
... and decided that many of our ideas washed out as a bit contrived

Steven: Or already available in the other markups

Jack: But there is one class where SMIL becomes relevant
... when the data is timed data
... data that has a timeline
... So where is the overlap?
... The one we found was in help system that would also interact with the form
... like a video that talked you through, and the form updates
... For instance, that the date being out of range, and the help triggers

Steven: We had an idea that the help video talks about changing the currency and that the line items change, and the total, and the graphic too
... and then change it while talking, to show it happening

Jack: The application wouldn't have to change. The SMIL app can do it event-based
... as long as the video doesn't specifically mention particulars of the presentation

Charlie: So the SMIL could respond to validation

Steven: Use the <alert> element?

Jack: With current SMIL and XForms, there is a way to get events between the too, using setvalue
... SMIL is blissfully unaware of anything outside its scope

Charlie: What I will do in the coming weeks is think of more function that we can hook up help to

Jack: For the coming two months or so I hope to be able to put 50% of my time in this
... (optimistically)
... we think that this is important for the future

Charlie: There is enough interesting stuff here to start writing about it

Next week

Steven: Next week is a US hol

Jack: and the next is a European

Steven: So next week is Tuesday?

Charlie: Yes, at normal time


Summary of Action Items

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