MW4D IG teleconference

11 May 2009


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Stephane Boyera (W3C), Betty Purwandari (Univ. of Southampton), Arun Kumar (IBM), Raphael Dard (Intracen), Ken Banks (kiwanja.net), Lauri Hirvonen (Nokia), Mira Slavova, Richard Scullin (MobileED), Phillip Olla (Invited Expert), Steve Wolak (Vodafone), Nicolas Chevrollier (TNO)(irc only)



Approval of Last meeting minutes 

<steph> http://www.w3.org/2009/04/06-mw4d-minutes.html


Review of action items

<steph> only one on me: steph to come with a document structure and summary of each section - will come with a proposal this week

Past and Future Conferences related to MW4D

<steph> about ICTD2009: http://www.webfoundation.org/2009/04/ictd-2009-travel-report.html

Steph: Invites for questions and comments
... Attended ICT Africa in Kampala

Steph: planning to sum up Maputo meeting and release the exec summary

Any new conference to mention?

<Raphael:> I added one here http://www.w3.org/2008/MW4D/wiki/Events

<steph> http://www.w3.org/2008/MW4D/BetavineSocialExchangev2.pdf

Betavine Social Exchange

Slides at http://www.w3.org/2008/MW4D/BetavineSocialExchangev2.pdf

Using technology to facilitate social change

RD: I also use Kiva

<Phil> +q phil

<SteveWolak> any questions

Steph, my sound is not good, could you please complement me, thanks

<steph> sure

<steph> Phil: trying to do a similar things with students here

<steph> but missing tools and skills to complete projects

<steph> how university students can work with betavine

<steph> ?

<steph> phil: using students at the end of university life, doing projects

<SteveWolak> can you send me a link

<steph> and we want them to make real-world projects

<steph> time and availability is a major issue

<steph> steve: global developper community includes but not limited to student

Phil: main issue is group discipline

zakim: mute me

<steph> stephen: good idea to package work for students

zakim: unmute me

<steph> raphael: more in hte problem owner side

<steph> what are your business model ?

<steph> stephen: no particular business model, depneding on who is solving which problem

<steph> might involve local operators launching a new service

<steph> number of different models

<steph> and number different model for funding them

<steph> including commercial ones

<steph> could be also funded by gov. or public sectors. we are open

<steph> and explore different opportunities

Steph: understands that there is no technology limitation (i.e. SMS)

are there guidelines for projects?

Steve: are going to come up with guidelines

and a co-creation space

Steph: will there be development, standardized technologies?

development guidelines

Steve: will encourage open-source solutions

but no limited to

<rscullin> http://nextbillion.mit.edu/

Richard: the next three years there will see 1 billion subscribers at BoP

there is an active entrepreneurial group at MIT on these development issue and apps

sees links with betavine initiative

Steve is back on the presentation, slide 14

Steph: what is your timeline?

Steve: build the website between now and Sept.

run a pilot between Sept and new year

looking for NGOs to sign up for the trial in Sept.

<SteveWolak> http://crowdtalk.wordpress.com/

looking for feedback via his blog

Steve: anyone has contact with NGOs?

Steph: you may want to look at the participants list of the Maputo Workshop for NGO names

<kiwanja> (need to shoot, steph. interesting presentation. let's connect in the week!)

Raph: can the platform work with projects that take place in countries where Vodafone is absent?

Steve: yes

Steph, I missed the last one

thanks for completing :)

<steph> no problem

<rscullin> Thanks! This was great!

<SteveWolak> thank you for your time and questions

Thanks a lot, Steve

Steph: any other item for this call?

next teleconf. will be next week Monday

theme of discussion will be sent later

<rscullin> I have to drop. thanks!

Maputo workshop will also be discuted

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]