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13:40:23 [Rachel]
standards should be developed as building blocks, a solid foundation that can be expanded as needed
13:42:03 [Rachel]
Another strong case for simplicity is - who is the audience that will have to approve them? If non-technical folks must approve the standards, they must be easy to understand in layman's terms.
13:42:32 [Daniel_Bennett]
good point Rachel
13:44:48 [josema]
+1, and I believe the document is trying to do that (or was the original purpose at least :)
13:45:44 [josema]
[Miguel on multi-channel and integration of both views]
13:46:19 [john]
13:47:02 [josema]
not to forget on the topic:
13:47:53 [josema]
13:49:07 [josema]
[reviews text for paper]
13:49:43 [Rachel]
Miguel - global approach to multi-channel...
13:56:21 [josema]
I think we should integrate, broadest view of the topic, also add MW4D more prominently
13:57:28 [Rachel]
how to find/manage government content on non-govt websites?
13:59:28 [josema]
14:00:09 [Owen]
I need to sign off to participate in the FIRM board meeting:
14:00:10 [john]
will ack you next Rachel
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14:00:29 [josema]
[Owen leaves call]
14:01:06 [josema]
scribe: josema
14:01:37 [josema]
[on YouTube, unmoderated comments, potential risks for children]
14:02:12 [josema]
Rachel: we are making sure that won't happen on YouTube Gov't channels
14:02:37 [josema]
... also addressing accessibility, YouTube was/is helpful in working with us and understanding our needs
14:03:04 [josema]
... we also have the content somewhere else conforming to regulations, etc. YouTube is just another channel
14:03:14 [josema]
... hope this model will help other govs
14:03:29 [josema]
Daniel: everybody should publish locally and syndicate widely
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14:04:21 [josema]
... I don't think gov should force YouTube to have special rules for it
14:04:52 [josema]
... but gov should publish locally in a syndicable format and YouTube should take care of getting content from there
14:05:07 [josema]
s/take care of/worry about
14:05:28 [josema]
Rachel: putting them also on YouTube people finds them much easier
14:05:46 [josema]
... they don't think of gov when going there, but find the gov info there
14:05:58 [josema]
... helps them find the info in the place they use
14:07:20 [josema]
John: thank Miguel for the section on Multi-Channel, I see most issues there
14:07:36 [josema]
... and we need to move forward today to other topics, too
14:07:38 [josema]
14:07:53 [josema]
zakim, next agendum
14:07:53 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "group note issues and pending actions" taken up [from josema]
14:08:07 [Rachel]
what are next steps RE group note?
14:08:20 [Rachel]
we're compiling comments on draft
14:09:12 [Rachel]
making good progress on multichannel
14:10:16 [Rachel]
April 26 - comments due
14:10:46 [Rachel]
"tracker" tool available - all should be using this!
14:11:55 [Rachel]
need to go through & standardize terms (e.g., e-gov, Egov, eGov, etc.)
14:12:43 [josema]
14:13:34 [Rachel]
US govt has an internal deadline of May 21 for open/transparent draft policy - so we need to have something ready by end of April, if our comments are to be included.
14:14:31 [Rachel]
Charter is a separate workload item
14:15:05 [Rachel]
should have charter drafted by mid-May, Josema will follow up
14:16:18 [Rachel]
josema will ask for extension on this deadline, so we can focus on one thing at a time
14:16:21 [josema]
14:16:29 [josema]
next agendum
14:16:57 [josema]
RESOLUTION: jose to ask W3M for one month extension to publish note, develop 2nd charter
14:18:35 [Rachel]
Josema - there are lots of standards already out there, many of which do not work well for government.
14:18:36 [Zakim]
14:19:19 [Zakim]
14:19:38 [josema]
rrsagent, pointer?
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14:19:40 [Rachel]
lots of tools out there that are not following standards
14:19:50 [josema]
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14:19:51 [Rachel]
we should help government find tools that follow standards
14:20:41 [josema]
warning: W3C is vendor-neutral, no tools we can recommend
14:20:58 [Zakim]
+ +34.63.557.aahh
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zakim, aahh is probably Oscar
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+Oscar?; got it
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regrets+ Kendall
14:22:54 [Rachel]
W3C should provide a "path" to get to standards, explain benefits. Can't recommend specific tools.
14:23:54 [josema]
UAAG is a good example of what can be recommended:
14:24:11 [josema]
ATAG, too:
14:24:29 [Rachel]
should address real-world problems by providing a path to standards that will help solve the problem
14:24:39 [josema]
no need to recommend a tool, but to recommend those guidelines and governments could choose compliant tools
14:26:40 [Rachel]
provide use cases, examples of successful projects, to help others meet their goals
14:27:21 [Rachel]
Next steps - provide comments on group note, and charter
14:28:35 [josema]
14:28:37 [Zakim]
14:28:39 [Rachel]
Thanks, all - lots going on!
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