WAI-AGE Task force

08 Apr 2009



Jack, Andrew, Darren, Shadi, William
Helle, Isabelle, Suzette, Michael, Anna, Alan


Improving Access To Government

andrew: No notes for document so don't discuss too deep yet
... Document lacks good discussion on accessibility for all even though many governments have a strong focus on this.

william: Ageing isn't mentioned
... Document was heavily discussed in EO

Andrew: Keep a look out for the notes and then submit any appropriate additional comments to the EO list
... Can also comment directly to the eGovernment group

Darren: Will send the group notes from the Inclusive Digital Economy Network project in the UK

WAI-AGE Slides

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/WAI-AGE/Drafts/slides/overview.html

William: Availability of the power point slides?

Andrew: URL will be added

andrew: Too much info on the statistics and impact slides. Can we manage this information to suit a regular slide?

Jack: Maybe split to three slides but have the slides linked together e.g. (continued...)

william: Break the slides, one for each impairment - sensory, mobility and cognitive

andrew: Maybe put motor skill not mobility
... Anna made comments on the implications slide
... Web accessibility becomes an imperative because it can be the only way that older people can participant

william: Not sure it's just age but a range of other factors

andrew: Other factors such as remote / rural people. The Web becomes an imperative too. Travellers too.

william: What we can call lower case accessibility

Andrew: Look at browser usability slide

jack: typo on the second bullet point

william: Can add impatience as well as confusion / frustration

Jack: Are we thinking about frustration in terms of finding information? or accommodation difficult to access?

william: Really mean poor usability

jack: usability of the user interface

william: When you need to fill in forms and then there is an error and have to fill it in all over again. Can be a problem.

Andrew: Or when you have to go through an extra step, e.g. register to a site to get information even when they don't really need you to.

Andrew: Web Authoring Slide

william: Second bullet sounds like Web contribution is voluntary but in many cases contributing, e.g. participating in forums, contributing is more than voluntary

andrew: To participate you need to be active and not passive.

jack: The second bullet - change undertaken to used / is needed / is required as this sounds less voluntary

andrew: Ongoing work slide.
... Need to raise awareness of the need for participation from the older community

William: Can we include observations from the literature to the ongoing work slide e.g. a [incorrect] view that it is less likely that older people will do new stuff.

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to mention exclusionary aspect

shadi: agrees with William. Older people are excluded not only in the literature review.
... We talk about older people but without representation from older people groups. Need older people to be more proactive in standards projects

William: In research people who are being studied are not part of the research groups doing the studying

Jack: How will we approach this issue?

Shadi: Mandate 376 underdevelopment in Europe is about procurement. Engagement with the TEITAC group but this group closed. Also working with Europe to ensure standards bodies and other stakeholders are involved in the procurement process.
... Have seen that user organisations always have a hard time participating. However disability community engages more than older community.

William: Are procurement rules an effective method of ensuring participation?

shadi: Many models in Europe with no definite answer. In the US they have section 508
... Ongoing work we need to develop a harmonisation report. Will share the document with the group.

jack: Working together to avoid fragmentation is correct but a more positive view is to say to promote unity to achieve something.

andrew: Should emphasise the positive outcomes more

andrew: Discuss Education resources slides

shadi: change Encouraging businesses and developers to Encouraging developers

andrew: used the word organisation because developers may not be the ones setting the requirements and procuring the Web development.

shadi: procurement should have its own bullet
... put a qualifier e.g. Developers need to Better understand

andrew: Comments for Educational resources - users slide?

shadi: Encourage participation in standardisation

andrew: Documents slide. Should we remove this as it is covered by other slides

william: We should keep it.

shadi: Now the Industry and user slides have been added this slide makes more sense and doesn't need to be removed
... Instead of WAI Documents put educational documents

jack: Instead of saying "a range" say "some" of the existing WAI Documents

andrew: Standards harmonization Slide.
... can we rewrite Working together to avoid fragmentation in a positive light

Jack: agree

shadi: The first bullet is fine. Second bullet replace Exchanges with Ongoing dialogue. Third bullet discuss the promotion of guidelines. bullet four. Promote understanding the needs of all users. bullet five include participation of all users

jack. It' not just promoting understanding but the promotion of use. We need people to understand but all have standards applied and used.

<shadi> [Explain the applicability of WAI Guidelines]

andrew: Any other comments and points on the slides?
... next meeting will be the 22nd April - hope to have BAD to view.

<shadi> [BAD = Before and After Demo]

Summary of Action Items

No actions recorded

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