24 Mar 2009

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cke, csma, Gary_Hallmark, Paul_Vincent




<cke> it refused my code

<cke> christian, are you on the phone, I cannot hear you?

seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c)

if team-rif-chairs@w3.org = ?z then...

if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

if ?z[1]=& AND ?z[2]=?x AND... then ...

if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

if ?z[1]=& AND ?z[2]=?x AND... then ...

<cke> ILOG JRules uses "equals" to compare objects, and among them lists. The previous = should work

if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

<gary> if seq(?x ?y) = ?z and ?x = ?y then ...

((a b) c (a b ) c)

((a b) c)

<gary> if _o[_p->?z] and seq(?x ?y) = ?z and ?x = ?y then ...

<gary> if _o[_p->seq(?x ?y)] and ?x = ?y then ...

<gary> if ?z[1] = ?z[2] and ?z.size = 2 then ...

<gary> if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

<gary> if ?z[1]=1 and ?z[2]=2 and ?z[3]=?x and ...

<cgi-irc> Isnt the problem that Javabased tools only deal with abstract lists eg arrays, not LISP type lists?

<cgi-irc> e.g. I can set up an array in Java that is a list, but I can only refer to it in a rule by its reference (variable)

<cgi-irc> e.g. sample operations: X is in Y, X.count, X[n], etc



if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

if ?z[1]=1 AND ?z{2]=?x AND...

<gary> if ?z[1]=1 and ?z[2]=2 and ?z[3]=?x and ...

<gary> if rif:list-contains(?z, ?x)

<cke> list equality can be supported

<cke> this form is OK: if seq(1 2 ?x ?y a b c) = ?z then...

<PaulVincent2> Surely lists in PRD will be mutable (and optionally some will be readonly)

<cke> I need to give you an update on XML schema

<cke> lists are mutable only in the action part.

<cke> it's a modify behavior, the initial list is modified

<gary> PROPOSED: lists are immutable

add-to-list(a ?x)

<PaulVincent2> X = X.append(Y)

mofiy(?z a+?x)

<cke> if you want a copy, you should do: list.copy().append(el)

mofiy(?x a+?x)

<PaulVincent2> Is everyone on the call?

<gary> you are not

are you still there?

<gary> cke and I are here

<gary> you were dropped

So, I was talking for nothing

<cke> lists should be mutable. If you do not want to change the iitial list, you can copy it

<gary> yes, more so than usual :-)

But I was arguing in favor of your proposal, Gary :-)

<PaulVincent2> So mutability is via modify only... which seems consistent

<gary> we have to finish!

<gary> all 3 days, 12 hrs/day !!!

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