10 Mar 2009

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Gary_Hallmark, AdrianP, csma, cke



Gary, the code will be 26631, this time

That's because, according ot Zakim, our telecon was one hour ago!

<GaryHallmark> yes, Zakim was very lonely

<cke> trying to connect to the call, but the conf is restricted

changhai, the code is 26631, not the usual one

<AdrianP> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/track/issues/open

<AdrianP> issue 37

issue 37 CP

<AdrianP> Raised at F2F7, based on presentation by Dave Reynolds on issue 32.

issue 38 not CP; interoperating with arbitrary XML would reauire, from a PRD point of view, addtional facility to modify/create arbitrary XML

<AdrianP> how do we validate arbitrary XML?

<AdrianP> they will write translators anyway

<AdrianP> at least for mapping from RIF into the platform specific syntax

issue 57 (to be further discussed: Gary, csma think it is high priority, but not blocking to PRD LC; Changhai prefers to keep it CP, and to demote it later if not enough time; Adrian sees issue 38 as higher priority than that)

<PaulVincent> Christian: FYI the W3C call system is claiming the conference is "restricted" :) [... and apologies for being late]

ISSUE 62 CP, ISSUE 66 merged with 62 and closed

issue 67 not CP

<AdrianP> what about if all of us write 3 test cases for PRD

issue 77 not CP

issue 80 not CP

issue 81 not cp (in itself for PRD; as long as DTB does not include OWL datatypes that conflict with XML-S data types :-)

issue 86 and issue 87 not CP

issue 92 not cp

issue 93 not cp

<GaryHallmark> Common production rule systems all allow reasoning on Java objects

<AdrianP> the question is if also want to support the Java type system

<AdrianP> including class hierarchies

issue 94 CP

issue 95 CP

<AdrianP> rule qualifications such as priorities

<AdrianP> that would lead to a (extternal) type system

<GaryHallmark> class Employee [name=String, managerOf->Employee]

Rule qualification (other than priorities) will be useful, but are not CP for PRD 1.0

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