WAI-AGE - 11 Feb. 2009



Andrew, Isabelle, Jack, Michael, Shadi, Suzette, William, Kostas (visitor)
Anna, Helle, Nacho


Andrew: welcome all ...

Responding to Organizations with Inaccessible Websites


Andrew: primary audience ... and secondary audience
... any groups missing?

William: the main document should refer to the audience
... maybe we shall include the legislation orgs

Andrew: maybe include them in the secondary audience
... we will consider this
... the opening paragraph in the document includes the information
... is the document heading in the right direction? any comments?


Isabelle describes an idea: a public reporting platform for accessibility issues would be helpful

Kostas: short introduction, involved in some accessibility projects for the EC

Andrew referring to Isabelle's idea: such a platform can not be an initiative of W3C as it is primarily a standards org and not an advocacy org and is 'vendor neutral', nevertheless W3C does supply tools and documents, and also there is the issue of scaling internationally

Andrew: feedback on the title ...
... maybe title and subtitle?

William: change "responding" to "help"

michael: how to respond to ...

Suzette: "How to contact Organizations with Inaccessible Websites"

brainstorm: reporting, helping, encouraging, responding, in/accessibility

andrew:"encouraging accessibility - approaching organization with inaccessible websites"

Andrew: tone of document - any comments

suzette: beginning is maybe too formal

Jack: being more informal is probably a good idea

Andrew: please try to help the right tone between too formal and patronizing
... comments on the introduction

William: bulleted list is easier to read

Suzette: a short abstract would be helpful

Kostas: developers don't know where to start [they need some resources]

Andrew: we can consider a cut and paste paragraph with short information about accessibility and where to start
... is there another approach than the proposed one?

Kostas: don't always know who to contact

Michael: in AT it is compulsory to list contact details - responsible section/dept

<mib_suzette2> See: "The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002" about need to include address

William: my experience is that complaints get no response

Kostas: not sure if you get a reply

William, Andrew: pointing to legal information, imprint ...

Michael: the contact details in EU may be under the legal pages

Andrew: comments on "what to report" section ...

Michael: probably not necessary to write how to copy a URI
... example for what is the problem in a box makes it easier to read

isabelle: maybe a introduction for the section "what to report" would be helpful

Michael: proposes to take out the examples of the paragraphs and put it in a separate box

Isabelle: include interesting links about accessibility

Michael, Andrew, William: formal complaint should be general enough to include all possibilities in different countries and should include examples as hints

Michael: what about 'contacting the press' as well as a disability org

andrew: sample email / letter ...

Kostas: translation is important

Shadi: translation is very important

William: does the template approach work

Jack: in some cases it does work

isabelle: checklist would be helpful

Michael: include the targeted recipient in the samples

William: other resources: include the "target"-case

Andrew: please send further feedback to the list

Summary of Action Items

No action items

[End of minutes]

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