WAI-AGE Task Force

28 Jan 2009


Andrew, Helle, Suzette, Shadi, William
Nacho, Isabelle, Jack, Anna, Michael (late)
Andrew Arch


BAD update

shadi: intended to bring into the TF but had discussion in EO first, Shadi give update from the EO call

refer to email to this list for questions - have anyone not seen email?

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-age/2009JanMar/0010.html

Remarks from Anna's email:

Learn to transform your website from inaccessible to WCAG 2.0 compliant without loss of the look and feel of the site (?) Generally one can learn two things from the demo: a) how to transform existing website and how to develop a new site in conformance with WCAG 2.0. It would be good to capture these two points in a concise way.

<shadi> Before and After Demo: Improving an existing Web site using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

<shadi> Before and After Demonstration: Improving an existing Web site using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

william: this is not an interactive site it is a demonstration

Andrew: what about before and after accessibility demonstration

<shadi> Before and After Accessibility Demonstration

<shadi> Accessibility Before and After Demonstration

william: before and after what?

william: the point is that the look doesn't change

andrew: Accessibility before and after demo

William: What?

Andrew: that's in the underlying text

Shadi: not very keen on " BAD" - Demo is enough

<shadi> Before and After Compliance Demonstration

Shadi: maybe just before and after is enough
... any other suggestions

William: demo for making a web site accessible

Helle: agree with William

<andrew> Demonstration of making a web site accessible

Andrew: "of" because we are demonstrating what we do

William: this is an exercise might be too pedantic discussing "of" and "for"

Shadi: moving on to the tab analogy - is the grouping OK?

Suzette: confused by links not working

Shadi: what is expected from annotated compared to not annotated?
... What about grouping?

Suzette: good

Shadi: the icons 'cross' and 'tick' for the 2 versions?

Suzette: thought they were not working
... some diagnostics use a red exclamation mark

Shadi: good idea

Andrew: very pale grey behind inaccessible versions, maybe too pale

William: why do you need an annotated version and a non annotated versions?
... why are they necessary?

Andrew: if you use it with AT then you would get lots of extra comments (e.g. screen readers) or tabs to stop at

Shadi: all for now, will take it back to EO

[Shadi leaves early]

Andrew: any other comments on BAD?

William: has anyone tried to put the annotation in the other version on the side?
... it might be better to see the annotations on the side
[referring to annotated image like in a text book]

Andrew: not sure it will work, but think it is worth considering

Andrew: Now look at the page they showed on last Friday's call with embedded icons

Suzette: not very easy to find the icons and understand how they work

Andrew: they still have to do some work

Suzette: they have to make the icons more outstanding, and need to get the text in the right place

WAI-AGE slides:

Andrew: incorporated comments from last meeting

<andrew> Slides link - http://www.w3.org/WAI/WAI-AGE/Drafts/slides/overview.html

Andrew: this is flat HTML not slides yet
(plan is to include a presentation version as per the WXAG 2.0 slides)

Suzette: better than before

Andrew: comments on statistical slides?

William: Is the long time span necessary?

Andrew: took what was available

William: Better to have same time spans for all stats

HBJ: what about japan?

Andrew: Take 3 years for each country?

Suzette: different for each country makes it more difficult to compare

William: place all countries on same graph

Andrew: not meant to show all countries, only one or two and possibility to make one for own country
... reconsider the time span and get more identical years to show

Suzette: try to find a way to make better comparisons

Andrew: different how much the groups are increasing
... USA might experience a baby boom and some countries have more immigrants that are younger

Suzette: across Europe very different in growth

William: only important fact is that we are getting older as a population

Andrew: will try to explain more about demographics in slides

Suzette: Is there a slide or text talking about the very old

Andrew: UK had note about +100, will try to mention the very old and the growth early in the section

Suzette: very old are mentioned in the next group of slides (about impairments)

Andrew: the increase in the older old will make them more visible
... Aging and functional impairments have been made into 1 slide

William: did you read the Smith-Kettlewell study about the contrast 'cliff' between 80 and 85 years?

Andrew: Understanding the need slide?

William: points out that there are fundamental flaws in the literature
... that the changes are bad e.g. limitations
... one of the flaws is that there is an attitude against aging and that we have to change
... is noticed in the slides

Andrew: many studies start from scratch and don't recognise what may have already been learned

William: main point is the premise that separating because of age is not necessarily a good thing

Andrew: consider stressing this further

Suzette: the usability improvements slide, question about if it's good to talk about usability

Andrew: OK with WCAG 2.0

Suzette: maybe usability assists old people and people with disability

William: The parameter is 'new to computers' not 'age'

Andrew: will try to take some of this into the slide

<suzette2> Usability slide: Pay special attention to presentation and interaction of forms

William: Other observations need to say they are from the literature study

Andrew: slides will be updated and kept up to date about other work

Andrew: participation welcome?
... both with project and in the topic

Suzette: more welcoming not so passive

William: e.g. participate

Andrew: you are invited to take part
... will make it more encouraging
... it's both a call for help with the project, but also a call to make people take notice of the topic

William: by reading the notes I get answers to most of my questions

Summary of Action Items

No Actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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