14 Jan 2009



Andrew, Shadi, Helle
Michael, Nacho, Suzette, Anna, Isabelle, William



The discussion about changes to the January 8 version of the slides follows:

visual break in some slides - fix the code

add more explanation regarding declining workforce (old-age dependency)
... and emphasise variation (also add EU-25 explanation)
... "the table and chart highlight forecast differences across Europe"

for "..." in notes - write it out, or make it more obvious what people should say next
... or "read the text on the slide"
... move Note about reading to 1st slide

add something about speaking slowly for second language listeners or sign-language users

project slide - EC funded

who is affected #1 - EU runs on from 'tripling' - separate more visually
... try making EU graph, and make Who is affected to mention China etc (no stats)
... EU graph as first graph slide

UK & over 50 - included because this is an important group and available for UK - but still important for other countries
... remove "centenarians"
... move whole point to notes
... remove >50 from graph
... remove graph title (repeats heading to left on slide)
... legend: UK Citizens over 65 years ( ditto for the rest of the graphs)
... Japan slide- move declining pop sentence to speaker notes (but keep, as important)

graph - make background lighter and blue stronger and slants lines
... remove EU numbers from Spain (now own opening slide)
... consider removing sub-head on slide
... or do it like Japan
... put source on all demographic slides

another country - add note about customising and possible sources, Reuters, UN
... and national statistics

remove "looking forward" from declining workforce slide
... others: consider "XX's ageing population"

UN slide (at start) - maybe use "looking forward" there

workforce - hyphenate working-age
... split as two slides - and suggest using graph OR table, depending on presentation

add more explanation of "old-age dependency ratio" to speakers notes (definition)
... make it more explicit
... and explain EU-25 again
... and 'working-age' as 16-64 years

implications: "online participation is developing and expected in:"
... Ageing and Functional Impairments - note that vision and hearing both decline for some?
... maybe short sentence about the combinations that commonly occur (in notes?)

and add to notes about combinations of disabilities too?
... in PWD group
... lead in slide for 'ageing related impairments" list them, and mention 'very often combinations of these'
... try rolling together - either nested lists, or two cols
... myths - rephrase as positive statements if possible - or remove entirely
... needs - shorten title (Understanding the needs)

'observations from the lit review'
... consider expanding on the statements

'usability improvements' (vs Usability requirements)
... other observations - usability of forms and navigation
... or usability improvements were strongly identified/highlighted/...
... accessibility reqs - appropriate text size; sufficient colour contrast; clear and identifiable links; etc

next steps - add "continued outreach and harmonisation"
... elaborate speakers notes for each point

revision slide- Documents for revision / WAI Documents for revision
... next steps - add slide about WAI working groups - mention 3 GL and stress importance of these

research - change to: research opportunities

<scribe> ACTION: slides - Andrew to revise in light of discussion and feedback [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/01/14-waiage-minutes.html#action01]

latest draft of slides is at http://www.w3.org/WAI/WAI-AGE/Drafts/slides/overview.html

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: slides - Andrew to revise in light of discussion and feedback [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/01/14-waiage-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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