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13 Jan 2009


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wiecha, Kevin_Kelly, John_Boyer, +31.20.616.aaaa, jackjansen, Steven
Charlie Wiecha




<oedipus> good morning, charlie -- i will be on IRC only for a while while i try to get my computer speaking properly with a sighted assistant, so i can't offer to scribe today

<oedipus> i will try and call in when and if possible

<wiecha> ok, thx

<wiecha> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2009Jan/0013.html

<jackjansen> sigh.

<jackjansen> Ah!

Just coming

ending the previous call

`zakim, dial steven-617

<wiecha> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2009Jan/0013.html

<wiecha> that's the draft outline

<wiecha> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2008Dec/0020.html

<wiecha> gregory's post on crossword puzzle ideas

<scribe> scribe: Steven

<wiecha> Scribe: Steven

What is to be done

Charlie: So what do we want to do, and what should we do when the charter runs out

<Zakim> oedipus, you wanted to say GJR is working with DanBri on getting OpenSocial set up as a virtual visually impaired computer users' group site as a proof of product on a site-wide

<oedipus> OpenSocial, ARIA and accessibility (Dan Brickley): http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/wai-xtech/2008Feb/0004.html

Charlie: Steve Bratt says not to worry about the timing, since we started a little after the planned start last year
... but I'd like us to use the XG to get some visibility for Ubiquity

<oedipus> [fyi] GJR would like to run ubiquity-xforms on ARIA-enabled OpenSocial site

John: If we're going to continue for another year, then writing is a paper is something you do at the end
... and the web engineering conference occurs every year

Jack: I agree, we don't have enough to show at the moment
... but maybe you have another angle on this Charlie

Charlie: I'm trying to be neutral

Jack: I have news, I am about to start a Javascript SMIL implementation
... it's my 5th implementation
... I have to learn Javascript first
... I want to integrate with Ubiquity

Steven: Cool!

Charlie: That's great!

Steven: Jack, we could get MarkB to come over to Amsterdam

Charlie: Looks like we agree nopt to do Web Engineering this year

<jackjansen> me thanks steven

Steven: Do we need to worry about charter deadlines?

Charlie: We need to look at that

Steven: and do we need to think about rec-track documents?

Charlie: I think we need to think about an IG coming out of this group
... and not necessarily recs.

John: we are doing some modularisation work in XForms
... but why those modules are more applicable than just XForms is through demonstrators

Charlie: The web community has no idea that standards have anything to offer, and we need to evangelise that

Charie: There are three threads - spec track, ubiqiuity, and then evangelism/demos

John: Reification

Charlie: Ubiquity is looking at 1.1 at the moment, but we want to move to 1.2 modules
... The 4th thing is the browser, and making them more friendly to XML
... we have to do a lot of work getting round browser difficulties
... It sounds like we are OK with prototyping

<wiecha> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/app-backplane/

<jackjansen> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/app-backplane/charter-20080409.html

Steven: So it ends in April

Charlie: Not enough time to do what we want


Steven: So we can't just extend
... we have to recharter for up to one year more
... current deliverables are requirements and architectural description of the backplane
... Jack's current work will look into integrating with Ubiquity
... if he describes that we will be close to what we have said we will produce

Jack: I will be able to describe the central parts of Ubiquity that are essential to the modules
... to adding more modules

Steven: I think we can argue that we are taking longer than planned because we are implementing as well as describing, whereas we hadn't originally planned implementations

Charlie: I think we are doing what standards should do, and that is try the stuff out in practise, and feed the results back
... I'm happy to develop these rationalisations

[Discussion of XBL, and whether that will be the future]

John: Perhaps we should ping our other members

Charlie: It would be nice if we could get Leigh along

Steven: One thing I thought of doing if the interfaces are defined is to get a student to implement some parts of XHTML2

Charlie: I will circulate a proposed extension to the charter
... and then send it on

Ideas for prototyping

Charlie: Interactive games?

<jackjansen> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2008Dec/0020.html

<oedipus> [fyi] the DAISY consortium (a w3c member - http://www.daisy.org/ - is using XHTML2 as the basis of the next iteration of the digital talking book iteration (ZedNext or "DAISY4") - goal is to get support for XHTML2 from DAISY (authoring and software implementations being worked on simultaneously, and attempts being made to get UbiWeb (or whatever they are called now) to use XHTML2 for DIAL

Charlie: I have doubts about social networks, but then again I had doubts about browsers in 1996
... so it might be cool to think about backplane applying to building navigators to help people mash things up

<oedipus> GJR is working with DanBri on getting OpenSocial set up as a virtual visually impaired computer users' group site as a proof of product on a site-wide scale for ARIA 1.0

<oedipus> OpenSocial, ARIA and accessibility (Dan Brickley): http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/wai-xtech/2008Feb/0004.html

<oedipus> ARIA last call slated for mid-to-late February 2009

Charlie: The simplicity of authoring is a big story

<John_Boyer> Steven: I would like to develop an app in Ubiquity... a google-map-like app.

<John_Boyer> Steven: It takes about a tenth of the code of pure imperative approach

<John_Boyer> Steven: Mark Birbeck added satellite views well before Google did within a few hours

<John_Boyer> Steven: This made the authoring argument for declarative approach very compelling

jack: My wild idea is to do a crossword where you guess at common friends using OpenSocial

<Zakim> oedipus, you wanted to say DAISY is approaching the redrafting from the author's point-of-view first


<jackjansen> bye!

<wiecha> thx!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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