ISSUE-45: Multiple or layered signatures

Multiple or layered signatures

XML Security 1.1 Requirements and Design Considerations
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Frederick Hirsch
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This issue is confusing, originally titled "Signing with multiple intended receivers, and/or long lived signatures". There was no description in the original issue.
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Related notes:

Discussing this issue at the March 31, 2009 teleconference this issue is better termed "layered signatures" where multiple signatures can be attached to an XML document. This can be for the reason of wither several signatures need to be applied to a document at a point in time, of that in the case of long lived signatures, and one signature is about to expire (the key used to sign the document might expire as in the case of an X.509 certificate) and the document is then signed again with a new signature as a way to renew the signature.

Gerald Edgar, 31 Mar 2009, 16:03:01

WG decided to defer until after 2.0

Frederick Hirsch, 9 Oct 2009, 15:28:22

The XML Security use Cases and Requirements document addresses this
( )
Section 3.3.3 states:

2. Any or all of messages may be signed and/or encrypted zero or more times in any order. Signatures and encryptions may overlap. A receiver must be able to properly verify signatures and decrypt data in the proper order (assuming access to the necessary secrets or trust points) based on nothing but the message.

3. It must be possible to determine whether the correct portions of the message have been signed and encrypted with the correct keys according to policy.

Gerald Edgar, 9 Oct 2009, 22:27:02

[tlr]: taken care of by current text of requirements document

13 Oct 2009, 14:23:48

[tlr]: why does agenda say it's deferred till 2.0?

13 Oct 2009, 14:23:56

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