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Draft XML Security Working Group Roadmap

See the charter.

This roadmap document is a draft and subject to change at any time. It is intended solely for the use of the Working Group, and should not be used as the basis of any plans or decisions as the WG may change the roadmap, including the elimination of potential releases or changes to content.

XML Security Release 1.1

The XML Security 1.1 release is intended to be an interim release that follows the XML Signature Second Edition and preceeds a more significant 2.0 release. The intent is to achieve early consensus on non-breaking and low risk features and make those items available sooner to the XML Security community.

The following items were agreed at the 21 October F2F and subsequent meetings:

  1. XML Signature 1.1 should point to NIST doc for key sizes
  2. Update XML Signature with new algorithms, including SHA2 and ECC, updating must and recommended for generate and receive appropriately (e.g. recommend against SHA-1 on generation but require support for verification).
  3. Update XML Encryption with new ECC algorithms
  4. Clarify versioning policy, adding text to both XML Signature and XML Encryption. Specifically, note that the namespace will not change in 1.1
  5. Incorporate errata for XML Signature and XML Encryption, e.g. ISSUE-52 (certificate encoding clarification), ISSUE-50 (dsig example typo).
  6. Algorithm URI and reference index note

XML Security Release 2.0

The WG plans to release an XML Signature Transform Simplification Note to get early feedback on design decisions and requirements related to 2.0.

2.0 is work in progress by the WG.

Chair: Frederick Hirsch
Team Contact and Security Activity Lead: Thomas Roessler
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