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This document contains proposed changes for WebApps' Current Charter, i.e. the charter that expires 30-June-2012.

SeeAlso: PubStatus; minutes from 31-Oct-2011 discussions

A DRAFT charter that includes these changes is available.

Additions Agreed

The following charter additions have been agreed:

Additions Proposed

All charter addition proposals that have been agreed have been added to the Additions Agreed section above.

The following charter additions were Not agreed:

  • Speech API; see 1-Feb-2012 email from Charles
  • Web packaging / asset compression; see 16-Feb-2012 email from Art

Deletions Agreed

Delete the following deliverables:

  • Asynchronous DOM Mutation Notification (ADMN) - replaced by DOM Mutations/Observers
  • Web SQL Database - work ended with a publication of a WG Note
  • Programmable HTTP Caching and Serving - work ended with the publication of a WG Note
  • UMP - WebAppSec is not pursuing this spec

Deletions Proposed

The following deliverables have been proposed for deletion:

  • None ...

Changes Agreed

Change the following deliverables:

  • Clipboard API - change title to "Clipboard API and events"
  • CORS - state this is now a joint deliverable with WebAppSec WG
  • DOM Level 4 Core - change title to "DOM4"
  • XHR1 and XHR2 - combine these two specs into a single XMLHttpRequest spec
  • XBL2 - work on this spec may stop in deference to the Web Component work

Questions and Issues

  • Web Notification - should the charter proposal include specs in development by the Web Notifications WG? See 31-Oct-2011 discussion


The common understanding for the group's Widget specs, some of which was captured during the TPAC f2f meeting, is:

  • The WG will NOT start any new widget specs
  • The WG will NOT start any new work on the specs that are considered finished, namely, those in PR or REC (or soon to be PR/REC): 1) Widget Packaging and XML Configuration, 2) XML Digital Signatures for Widgets, 3) view-mode Media Features, 4) WARP and 5) Widget Interface
  • The Native Web Application CG is the venue to discuss the WG's two unfinished widget specs and to move them toward REC: 1) Widget Updates, 2) widget URI scheme. These specs will be published by WebApps.