eGovernment at W3C

José M. Alonso <>
eGovernment Lead, W3C/CTIC

City of London bench

What do we offer?

stack of W3C Technologies

What do governments need?

Open Standards and Technical Specifications

from EIF 2.0 consultation document (chapter 8)

Why Openness?

also from EIF 2.0 consultation document (chapter 8)

Why eGovernment at W3C?

Mission: improving access to government through better use of the Web

Governments have some unique requirements and we want those requirements to be reflected in the standards we produce to better serve the community (charter)

Main topics on eGov IG

also other related topics at W3C: Policy Languages (PLING), Security (in browsers, XML Signature...), Identity, i18n...

Ex. some challenges in Participation and Transparency

Ex. Semantic Interoperability

W3C/OASIS on eGov

Thanks and Q&A


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