Improving Government through Better Use of the Web

José M. Alonso <>
eGovernment Lead, W3C/CTIC

Old Venetian Fortress, Corfu, Greece


Role of the Web

Australian's use of Web for relationships with Government increases

Source: Australians' Use of and Satisfaction with e-Government Services – 2007

Some Challenges

Source: Australians' Use of and Satisfaction with e-Government Services – 2007

eGovernment at W3C

Activity to tackle issues in three main areas:

Open Standards: Big Picture

Governments, Industry and Citizens interact mediated by Interoperability Frameworks

Organization vs. User

Citizens cannot find information nor services in government Web sites

One stop shops

one stop shops helped improve the user experience


Replay (with common sense)

Open Standards Policies

... and then...

“application must be conformant with W3C standards”

What W3C offers

W3C stack of technologies, showing main topc areas of work and standards

Open Standards: challenges

Participation and Transparency

Users are going away...

How do citizens search?

Not convinced yet?

Inversion of Authority

Weblogs won


Sophistication is there...

more sophistication, more benefits (OECD report)

Benefits from eGovernment projects at different levels of sophistication to a mid-size OECD country
Source: OECD through The Economist

...but it's not enough

Not always sophistication means success

Source: Deloitte Research (2005) through The Economist

Organizational change is also a must!

LAFD twitter feed

We can no longer afford to work at the speed of government. We have responsibilities to the public to move the information as quickly as possible … so that they can make key decisions.

Brian Humphrey and Ron Myers (LAFD)


Put the information where needed

Risky? challenging... fun!

Transparency has many faces

Granularity and Provenance

Avoid Obscurity by Default

Participation and Transparency Challenges

Data Integration

Why XML is not always enough?

XML alone cannot solve all of the Data Integration long standing issues

Semantic Technologies

Linked Data

A Word of Advice

Data Integration: challenges

Linked Data (maximize data integration and re-use)

Mobile Phones

Off of the coast of Kerala (India) using a mobile phone from a boat
(Photo Source: NY Times )
  • What services to prioritize? How? Where?
  • Mobile Web for Social Development
    • W3C Goal: to make the Web accessible, relevant, usable and useful for under-privileged populations and rural communities

eGovernment at W3C

Improving access to government through better use of the Web

Removing the "e" from eGovernment

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