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Teleconferences How-to

Scribing a teleconference

Before the call

Scribes, please do this several minutes before the start of the meeting. I think you can do this up to 1 hour before the scheduled meeting time.

Enter the following commands in the #mw4d IRC channel:

During the call

Enter the following commands in the #mw4d IRC channel.

At the end of the call

Do the following right after the meeting:

Being a Participant

Before calling-in, it is recommended that you join irc first. Then, when you join the teleconference, you will see on irc the teleconference bot announcing the new participant through an entry like: +a_number or +a_name (like +stephane) or something like +??P1. This is how you are recognized by the teleconference. in order to facilitate identification, type: zakim, what_is_after+ is me

e.g.: zakim, ??p1 is me

During the teleconference, there are 2 actions you can do:

You might also want to make remarks, jokes, comments off record. for that type: /me my off_record_comments

If there is noise on the teleconference, anybody can check who is making noise through the command: zakim, who is making noise ?

and the teleconference bot will list the line with their percentage of volume. Usually, one line (which is not the speaker line) has a value above 20%, and is the one noisy.

In that case, the participant should mute himself, and unmute when only he needs to speak.

For a complete list of commands affecting zakim teleconference bot, type: /msg zakim help

For a complete list of commands affecting rrsagent minute taking bot, type: /msg rrsagent help

Being a Chair

 There are few more commands for the chair:

Scribe List

The selection mechanism is simple: the one who have the oldest date in his list is the next scribe.

This list contains people who participated at least once to a teleconference.