SVG Interest Group Teleconference

06 Nov 2008


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+1.713.851.aaaa, +1.312.540.aabb, Don_Doherty, Christophe_Strobbe, +49.918.126.5.aacc, Manuel, +31.53.785.aadd, Ruud_Steltenpool
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<trackbot> Date: 06 November 2008

<JeffSchiller> trackbot, status

<Manuel> Hi, has anyone else problems to connect with Zakim?

<JeffSchiller> hm, not me

<Manuel> I got just a "Sorry, your call could not be completed"

<Manuel> ...after my third try.

<JeffSchiller> uh oh

<JeffSchiller> i wonder if it's something i did with trackbot above

<JeffSchiller> Wade Johnson and I are on the call

<Manuel> hmm, I'm trying different cheaper call by call numbers. Perhaps it's a problem with them (one even says "Number not available")

<JeffSchiller> the number I used was 1.617.761.6200 with conference 78444

<Manuel> me too,

<Manuel> ah, it seems to work!

For people in Europe, there are also numbers in the UK and France!

I normally use either + (France) or +44.117.370.6152 (UK), depending on which one works.

<JeffSchiller> scribe: Christophe

SVG Community Website

JS: new location is at planetsvg.com; still needs theming.
... any experience with CSS etc: please let us know
... also need editors and contributors; some has signed up, but there's no new content yet.
... Bruce also looking into SVG viewer
... layout and structure need to be put in place.

Manuel: Define structure before anyone puts in content.

JS: Can do this in parallel.
... will contact Bruce off-line.
... would like to see separate RSS feeds e.g. for blogposts, forums, etc

WJ: also a combined feed

<stelt> sorry i'm late guys

JS: some people prefer mailing lists to online forums.
... see Yahoo SVG group: mailing list. Maybe we can accomodate both types of users.

<stelt> Jon Cruz said he wouldn't mind helping out in setting it up so you can have both forum and mailinglist interfaces to the same data

JS: home page currently show blogs etc. Any ideas for front page? Please send to list.
... environment for writing tutorials (...)

Uploading SVG files an issues? Use Wikimedia format?

JS: We currently have Drupal and prefer not to have multiple logins on same site. Currently, there is wikimedia functionality.

SVG Open 2009

JS: no news.

SVG News

JS: SVG1.2 going through last call. After that: work on SVG 2 Core doc.
... any other news?

RS (Ruud Steltenpool): introduces himself:

RS: nick steltenpower. SVG programming. Dissemination - spread the word.

JS: We discussed next steps for site: theming and content. Ideas?

<stelt> ok

JS: time and date for next call will be sent to list later.

Summary of Action Items

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