POWDER: More of What You Want, When You Want It

Efficient Application of Metadata You Can Trust

Date:Tuesday 16th September 2008
Time:Join us for a networking buffet lunch from noon onwards.
Meeting starts:1.30pm
Venue:Yahoo!'s Mission College Campus, Santa Clara, California.
Cost:Free (thanks Yahoo!)
Registration:Required as numbers are limited, please register if you are going to attend.
Contact:Phil Archer or Matt Womer

The Protocol for Web Description Resources, POWDER, is a new technology from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that bridges the gap between the traditional Web and the Semantic Web. It's simple, easy to use and can fit into existing publishing work flows with minimal development effort.

You can learn more about POWDER and what it can do for your organization below or by visiting the POWDER Working Group Home Page.

Purpose of the Event

To present the new technology with real world applications that begin to show what POWDER can do. This will include a look at the Quatro Platform that identifies and authenticates trustmarks.

Who should attend



For more information about POWDER, see the Working Group home page, or read the first draft of the POWDER primer.

From an End User's Perspective, POWDER:

From a Publisher's Perspective, POWDER:

From a Service Provider's Perspective, POWDER:

Use Cases That Have Driven the Development of POWDER Include:

Questions? Contact Phil Archer or Matt Womer

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