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Web Services Activity Proposal

This activity proposal is public.

Executive Summary

This proposal contains a modification of the existing Web Services Activity to propose the creation of a new Working Group in charge of refining the WS-Transfer, WS-ResourceTransfer, WS-Enumeration, WS-MetadataExchange and WS-Eventing Member Submissions (see draft charter).


W3C launched the Web Services Activity at the beginning of 2002, following a W3C workshop on Web services, with the goal (see previous Web Services activity proposal) to ensure development of a Web services architecture based on XML, fitting into the Web architecture.

Since that time, the Web Services Working Groups produced 17 W3C Recommendations and around 18 Working Group Notes. In June 2008, several members proposed starting work on a set of Web-Services related specification, most of them at that time being Member Submissions, as those documents were already reused in other fora, like Management area. (See email).

Why is this Activity being re-organized?

The scope of the planned specifications is different than the core competencies of the existing Web Services Working Groups, so the proposal is to create a new Working Group to address the issues while allowing other Working Groups to continue their work without disruption.

What is the market within the area of the proposal? Who or what group wants this (providers, users, etc.)?

As mentioned previously, several W3C Members, expressed strong interest in working on this set of specifications, made Member Submissions to use those documents as starting points.

What is the scope of the work?

The scope of the work is outlined in the charter of the Web Services Resource Access (WSRA) Working Group.

What are initial timetables?

The proposed Group is expected to remain until 30 June 2010, at the minimum. The W3C Recommendations are expected to be produced by November 2009. The remaining amount of time is dedicated for maintenance work only.

How should this area be coordinated with related W3C Activities?

The Web Services community expects to coordinate with other activities when necessary, through Coordination Groups.

Proposal: Web Services Activity

Proposed new or rechartered Groups

The other Groups in the Web Services Activity are not addressed by this proposal.

Proposed Timeline

This proposal would not extend the Web Services activity. See also the summary of the Web Services Activity table below for details per Working/Interest Groups.

Resource statement

No external funding is expected to sustain the WSRA Working Group. The amount of Team resources allocated to this new Group is 0.30 FTE

Yves Lafon
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