MW4D bi-monthly meeting

18 Aug 2008


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Ken Banks (kiwanja.net), Jeff Sonstein (RIT), Stephane Boyera (W3C), Jacob Ninan (Invited Expert), Adesina Iluyemi (Invited Expert), Evan wheeler (UNICEF), Bill Gillis (Invited Expert), Renjish Kumar (Invited Expert), Lauri Hirvonen (Nokia), Marianne Marck (Disney)




last meeting minutes

<jeffs> move we approve the minutes

thanks Jeffs !

<jeffs> move we approve the minutes from last mtg

<scribe> ACTION: steph to publish august 4 minutes on the mw4d homepage [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/08/18-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]

RESOLUTION: minutes of august 4 approved

action item resolution


wiki discussion: pending

<Adesina> welcome

Renjish to write a scenario around the vision

renjish: idea was to bring introduction, context,... before the bullets

should be in the vision section

so pending

<Adesina> hi

steph to investigate the availability of a java applet to connect to irc


<scribe> done

stephane to continue discussion on definition of mobile devices

<scribe> done-part of the wider discussion and included in the

<jeffs> should be part of vision


Stephane to publish july 28 minutes

steph: done

Core Values and assumptions

<jeffs> what was the date of the email again?/me


<Renjish> 8/13

<jeffs> thanks

<ewheeler> found it

from http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-mw4d/2008Aug/0039.html

Ken: after last conf, Ken and steph discussed to drive the group in a direction that makes sense

so first draft released to define the core values

ken: at least we have pillars against which we could check if directions are relevant for the group or not
... we could otherwise spend the whole year on the framework
... today's technology box

bill: great diagram, but we need to open for future technology

concerns too tied to today

the technology will change, the situation will change, and we should be ready to tackle these changes

m/zakim, unmute me

<kiwanja> steph?

<kiwanja> "While practical solutions and analysis should be grounded within the technologies--hardware, software and connectivity--widely available to people in underserved communities today--they also should anticipate and not constrain future technological advances which may be even more beneficial."


adesina: social development in the name of the group

we should not be technocentric

adesina: the point is to bridge the digital divide

how to provide informations to people

are the technology existing today are they good enough to the goal ?

ken: i fully agree

it is techno-centric in this box, but this is right the group is not techno-centric

we need to make sure that we look at people's need

you totally right

ken: we needs to be needs driven

<Marianne> Fully agree too

<Adesina> ok

<Adesina> thanks

renjish: not sure my point was clear

we need to be broader

mobile services not equal to mobile web

<jeffs> capabilities may be a better focus than technologies in that box

renjish: use of voiceXML is questionnable in terms of viable commercial services

same for SMS

<Adesina> mobile web will demand more bandwidht that is presently available in most developing countries

<jeffs> needs and capabilities focus makes sense to me, tech comes and goes

Marianne: we have to choose to look at how to imporve the technology or focus on the needs
... waht makes sense is to understand what's going on

we could release information about how to use existing technology

ken: can we influence the deployment of next generation of handset/network ?

<jeffs> the underlying techs are developed by providers, but it is the end-users who push how it is used

<Jacob> Can we include development services to technology matrix which may include both aspects?

<Adesina> developmet is about challenging status quo, present tech in these regions can deliver the desired services, so we can make a case for advanced tech to be made commercially available in these areas

<jeffs> the underlying technologies are developed by providers, but it is the end-users who push how it is used, "change status quo", suggest we avoid getting hung up on tech itself

i believe Jacob has a point

<Renjish> SMS-based value added services already exist

i do hope that we could build such matrix

<jeffs> suggest: "a method of accessing web content via any technology"

<Adesina> yes

+1 to jeff proposal

acj ewheeler

evan: mobile phones are constantly evolving and mobile web will be there in few years

but other more basic techno will still be the alone option in some parts of the world

no going to disappear anytime soon

accessing the web with these techno is important

<jeffs> suggest: "a method of accessing web content via any technology" and avoid getting stuck in what-is

adesina: people would not have any other means to access internet through mobile phone in africa

demand there, market there

low-cost laptop is a good device

in nigeria

ken: valid comment, but you cover several boxes
... lots of discussion recently around low-cost laptop

how long would it take before it reaches the people we are targetting

<jeffs> it does not matter what the tech is, it just matters that they are using the Web and its' content to drive development

<jeffs> suggest again: "a method of accessing web content via any technology" and avoid getting stuck on this

adesina: low-cost laptop price are going down

<Mari> Agree w/ Jeff

Lauri: i've been looking at low-cost laptop

how to deploy

give them to government

<kiwanja> via any technology is very very broad, though!

<Adesina> low-cost laptop is even beyond school children

good chance that it will arrive soon

<kiwanja> do you also include desktop computers, then?

most of the programs are revising this strategy though

<ewheeler> indeed

<Adesina> the commercial versions like Asus, MSI are going to esclipe OLPC

<ewheeler> perhaps devices that can be pocketed?

renjish: lots of apps have multiple channels

like banking

<kiwanja> i think we need to think backwards on the technology. look at the 'target audience' and then think about techs they are likely to have. make sense?

<kiwanja> maybe that

<jeffs> "a method of accessing web content via any technology which can be mobile"

renjish: are we looking at providing web access to developing countries or to provide application

<kiwanja> maybe that's part of the technology matrix raised earlier

renjish: hard to have an end-to-end


<bgillis> suggest framework use matrix to recognize possiblilities then narrow to practical scope

<Mari> q

<kiwanja> (how do people join the speaker queue?)

<kiwanja> q... ?

<kiwanja> noted

<Renjish> agreed. but can we identify some of those web content which helps social development? If it is banking etc, we already have SMS and voice based services available in the market

<jeffs> "a method of accessing web content via any technology which can be mobile"

<ewheeler> mari, kiwanja: type q (plus)

<Renjish> Ken, can you ask Lauri about any vision from dotmobi in this regard?

<jeffs> type that in as an item for the log pls

ken: i propose that people submits their own workding for each boxes

<jeffs> +1

<Renjish> Yes

<Renjish> that's fine


<Mari> Agree

<Adesina> AGREED

<Jacob> agree

RESOLUTION: all those who wants submit their wording for the values diagram by the end of the week

<Renjish> Yes

<Renjish> I see core values same as the framework document

ken: happy to take suggestion for the title too

<Renjish> it is the scope

W3C Tech Plenary

<bgillis> after this discussion emphasis on scope important

<kiwanja> renjish - will leave lauri add this when we get his feedback on the diagram, and when we discuss next meeting. okay?

<Renjish> sure.

<kiwanja> great

<Adesina> please e-mail the details to u

<kiwanja> agreed

<Adesina> ok

<Adesina> hat will be useful

<scribe> ACTION: stephane to send information about the w3c technical pleanry [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/08/18-mw4d-minutes.html#action02]


<Adesina> none

<kiwanja> okay!

<Renjish> ok

<Adesina> ok

Steph: next meeting september 1st

<kiwanja> same time

<Renjish> agree. we should have a deadline

<Jacob> k

<jeffs> I will be continuing my "campaign" to involve more people *from* "the developing world"

<jeffs> hope no one minds

<Adesina> great!

<Jacob> k

steph: i still hope that we would conclude on this topic by the end of the month

ken: i agree, we could go on for a full year just on this topic

<Adesina> ok

but we need to move on making real results, that could have an impact

<kiwanja> we should set 1st sept as the FIRM deadline for comments on values from the group..

<jeffs> I think of this as the "foundation" upon which we will build our framework

<Adesina> ok

<Renjish> thanks

<kiwanja> thanks!

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: steph to publish august 4 minutes on the mw4d homepage [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/08/18-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: stephane to send information about the w3c technical plenary [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/08/18-mw4d-minutes.html#action02]