MW4D IG bi-monthly Meeting

07 Jul 2008

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Stephane Boyera-W3C (Steph), Evan Wheeler-UNICEF (Evan), Raphael Dard-ITC (Raphael), Jeffrey Sonstein-Rochester institute of Technology (Jeffs), JD Moore-Nokia (JD), Adesina Iluyemi-University of Portsmouth (Adesina) , Bill Gillis-EFR Source (Bill), Marianne Marck- Disney (Marianne), Tadao - Serasa (Tadao)





introduction: Evan from UNICEF

<steph> papers from workshop in BRazil: http://www.w3.org/2008/02/MS4D_WS/papers/

introduction: Raphael from International Trade Center

<steph> (Evan, Raphael papers)

<steph> Raphael Dard

introduction: Adesina policy globally & health issues

<steph> Jeff: Rochester institute

<steph> member of MWBP WG

<steph> interested in power of mobile devices

<steph> for comm between people

<steph> scribe: jeffs

introduction: JD from Nokia
... Marianne from Walt Disney
... bill

<steph> EFR Source

Bill from EFR Source in Washington State US


worldwide econ analysis & info

How to leverage participation from Developing Countries

two previous workshops, clear need to mix views of people from different parts of the world & different needs/situations

getting some mailing list participation now from people from developing regions

question: key items/barriers to more participation?

cost of teleconference connections barrier to participation from ppl in developing world

note presence of many small NGOs, suggests many small mtgs in developing world

Raphael: has contact w person in Ghana

<steph> about tradenet

expand reach of this group & discussion through mtg participants actively inviting in ppl from our personal networks

steph: framework discussion may make easier to see who to attract

my contribution: need to hear about needs from ppl who live & work there

note by speaker of languages potential problem in mtgs

Evan:set framework 1st, then maybe survey or topics-list to discuss w colleagues around the world

steph: consider 2-levels of participation... ppl like on this call today dealing w 1 specific topic per mtg & inviting ppl from our networks in for specific topics

<steph> http://www.w3.org/2006/12/digital_divide/wiki/

raphael: likes wiki idea

steph: need to discuss how to make contributions happen smoothly

<steph> ACTION: stephane to start a discussion about the wiki on the mailing-list [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/07/07-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]

steph: proposes move to major topic (framework) now

proposed Framework or scope definition

steph: start discussion by putting out some ideas to start with
... name of group (mobile web for development) reflects reasons for group

group to explore how to make services/expansions beyond SMS etc; having a browser on the device is not enough

I was just saying the req'd client-side s/w would be in place/ubiquitous for basic Web connectivity

Adesina: what is scope? h/w? s/w? other things?
... possible 3 segments: tech aspects, end-user, social/innovative development factors

segment this group along those lines?

(stepping out of scribe mode)keep as 1 group but address all 3 areas(scribing again)

<steph> ok

Adesina: global trend in devices towards mobile/portable devs in between smart phones & laptops

<steph> adesina: trend is mobile device, between mobile phones and laptop

jeffs says like emerging "sub-notebook" category (OLPC etc)

jeffs suggests: think mobile device not mobile phone

Adesina: knowledge workers esp need in-between devices

steph: dangerous to focus on guessing future; Adesina: presenting what encountered

Marianne: good to have scope discussion, devices need to be taken into consideration
... list out items needed to be dealt with (broad scope of toipics), deal w one at a time one per mtg

Evan: ubiquitous device pattern can be expected to persist in other regions, no matter the appropriate form-factor for that person/scenerio

JD: simpler phones are cheaper, so they are attractive purchasing options for folks
... likes idea of topical discussions (ea has mtg of its own)

steph: agree, lots of projects ongoing recent years; wants to gather findings together & help avoid reinventing wheel syndrome
... wants to help make number of new projects in this area curve exponentially higher, like web pages did. sees gathering existing materials as one route to that
... match issues to specific findings already in lit

Adesina: experience shows don't put out into developing world feature-less devices, will fail, & line between types of devices blurring
... cost, market segmentation basic issues

steph: cost is one thing, adaption is another

easier to extend power of devs ppl already have than to get new devs out there

raphael: discussion of using the wiki
... likes the structure of the wiki also, provides focus for this & future discussions

rafael: use the wiki, use the wiki, use the wiki

Evan: other websites available to read, let us leverage

steph: get set up on wiki, use it, good organizing tool

Adesina: focus on ppl already using these devices might be good for start

steph: will try to summarize the discussion over the next few days
... next mtg: 21 JULY same time same virtual place

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: stephane to start a discussion about the wiki on ht emailing-list [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/07/07-mw4d-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]