30 Jun 2008


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  2. Literature Review
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Andrew, Nacho, Suzette, William Loughborough, Shadi, Shawn
Jack R. Welsh, Michael, Helle Bjarno
Nacho Madrid



Literature review

Andrew: starting from 3.6 Aspects of Web Design affecting the elderly

William: some studies have the assumption about older people that are not neccesary true

Nacho: see some previous ideas about older users, some methodological problems in papers reviewed

William: design forms are annoying ...

Suzette: there different difficulty levels in forms

Nacho: navigation is different than searching, on navigation the design offers the terms and can produce disorientation to naive users

William: tha academics are frequently out of touch with the things they are studying, some studies are artificial

Suzette: will send copy of two relevant papers on involving older people on design process

Andrew: propose to link to the literature abstracts

Discussion about topics missing

William: Web 2.0. have the potential to change the way we use the web

Shawn: missing topic: usability-accessibility overlap/distinction papers and other literature/resources

Next steps after Literature Review - educational resources

Shadi: ask to review the documents on industry and users recommendations

William: will be a lot of work. huge undertaking.

Next Meeting

21 July 2008

Summary of Action Items

no actions

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