18 Jun 2008


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Johannes, Shadi, Mike, CarlosI


Outstanding action items

SAZ: CV says his AI will be for the next week

CI: mine will be too

MS: would be possible to view some Pointers examples?

CI: There will be some of them in the Pointers document

WCAG 2.0 evaluation tools

SAZ: CI please give yourself a deadline on next Friday and post to the list whatever you have
... WCAG 2.0 is in CR
... web sites that implement WCAG 2.0 are being evaluated
... would like to have evaluation tools for mainly two reasons
... first the can help people to implement WCAG 2.0
... second they demonstrate by themselves that the REC is testable
... we need to think how to encourage people to implement WCAG 2.0 tools
... first idea is try to classify current techniques (automatic, semiautomatic, manual...)
... would this help?

MS: where would these indications be?

SAZ: haven't thought about this
... should not be difficult to do

<shadi> brb

MS: will be happy to take an action for a first check on this

SAZ: would this useful?

JK: yes

SAZ: another idea is to try to collect information about tool implementations
... recollect what techniques tools implementors are implementing

MS: that would encourage more external participation

SAZ: think so
... may start a sort of competition but also may help to identify interest areas
... the difficult here is how to organize this information
... one option is try to merge it with the tools list
... other is link from the techniques document
... W3C is vendor neutral
... it does not evaluate products
... but at CR it can study implementations
... we can use test samples to see how tools behave with them
... an implementation report could include information about web sites and tools that implement a certain WCAG 2.0 feature

MS: is there any body validating the test cases?

SAZ: there's an ERT task force doing that work

Summary of Action Items

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