WAI-AGE TF 27 May 2008



  1. Welcome
  2. Scribing
  3. Literature review -
  4. Next steps after Literature Review - development of educational resources
    - consideration of what these might resources might be, but including:
  5. Next meeting


William, Andrew, Jack, Shadi, Suzette, Michael, Helle, Nacho, Judy, Susanna, Shawn



[brief introductions by all participants present]

[List of WAI-AGE task force participants]


AA: need to take turns in minuting meetings
... tried to put together some notes on IRC
... see some of you have joined by IRC today
... as you can see, we can share information
... and record the essence of the meeting

AA: hope some of you can volunteer to scribe future meetings

SAZ: helpful for scribes to join a couple of minutes before the meeting
... especially to prepare the bots
... instructions are on the minuting page

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wai-age/teleconf.html

HBj: is there a list of TF participants?

AA: yes, available online but may need to be updated

Helle: can we put the participant initials on the participant list as well?
[or put full names in the Minutes]

WAI-AGE Literature Review

Andrew: thanks Nacho for sending comments to the formal comments list
... comments can be seen publicly in the mailing list archive
... this is different from our mailing list

<andrew> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-comments-wai-age/

Andrew: please see it if you want to follow-up
... please send in your own feedback

William: we are all surprised that the WAI resources have not gotten through to many of the work identified in the literature review
... is there a way to follow-up and tell them that we are here?
... for instance, some may not even know of the existence of WCAG

SAZ: can contact the people we cite during the literature review
... but we will also develop specific educational resources to speak to them
... this is the next agenda item

Andrew: looking at the literature review, we've adapted the introduction section quite a bit
... we've taken out a lot of the demographics into an appendix
... any comments on the introduction section so far?
... Nacho had comments about why some people may not be online

William: think that this is very important

Suzette: was just looking at that, especially the statistics are changing so quickly
... table will need to be updated while the literature review is being developed

Andrew: was relying on the EuroStat information to get the EU as a whole
... any other information?

Suzette: our experience is that the age above 75 is quite different, may need to split that

Andrew: seems also to be a discrepancy between the table and the graph

Suzette: need to get additional figures, even if more focused regionally
... the question of "who is older", we need to be very clear about the age ranges

Andrew: any comments on section 2.3 - What are age-related functional limitations?

Nacho: some influences are fear of internet or unwillingness to learn something new
... have to take that into account

Jack: might be worthwhile to explore the ranges in the context of attitude & aptitude

Susanna: good report in Sweden about how elderly use the internet
... summary available in English, quite a good study

Andrew: sounds very interesting, please send to the mailing list for discussion
... looking for literature reviews in section 3.1, please let us know of any pointers

William: I question the statement on homogeneity of older vs younger users

Suzette: Gregor made that point too

William: that used to be said about gender as well, it is just not true

Andrew: comments on the next section?

Jack: lost the overall thread - why were you citing all these guidelines?
... for example a small lead-in about why the goal of citing all these studies
... what am i supposed to be getting from this?
... not questioning how useful these studies are, or this section is
... just looking for some summary about what these studies are

William: one thing that is implied, is that they don't qualify
... and that may not be something we want to do

shadi: maybe we haven't analysed these guidlines to extent thyat we should

Shadi: agree with Jack about the need for a lead-in summary but for that it needs more analysis first

<andrew> ... http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-wai-age-literature-20080514/#existguide

Suzette: age ranges vary within these guidelines
... may need to analyze this and position any statements accordingly

Andrew: any further comments on training older users in ICT?

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-wai-age-literature-20080514/#training

Helle: introduction could be more generic or "situation oriented" rather than just for the Web

Suzette: have a summary from an Austrian group

Andrew: section 3.5

William: we are separated because society separates us

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-wai-age-literature-20080514/#elderlyusers

William: would be good to find a way to combine the two
... don't only need to brng older users to the Web, but also need to integrate them

Andrew: we'll come back to this place in the document and continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Education Material

Andrew: as part of the WAI-AGE Project, we have the development of educational material for industry and users
... these are WAI resources, and should address the needs of older users
... sent some materials around, to start of some discussions

Judy: you should have received two different documents, both of them quiet similar in structure
... one is for industry, and the other is more for users
... took some of the current findings from the literature review
... and looked into our WAI educational resources
... that helped us focus on some specific documents to revise
... as well as to identify some gaps, where we may need to develop new resources
... looking at the first document, the industry one, there are 4 documents mentioned there
... first is "How People with Disabilities Use the Web"
... second is "Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization"

[Judy introduces the documents listed in the industry-document]

Suzette: seeing more older people are staying employed
... is there a difference between employed users vs voluntary users of the Web?

Judy: How PWDs Use the Web provides a very good opportunity for that
... could include diverse scenarios, especially ones that contradict stereotypes

Susanna: how do you plan to approach the "Overlapping Relationship between Usability and Accessibility" document?
... in Sweden trying to create new words to try to address the overlap

Judy: are those the Verva guidelines?
... will be a trickier document

Andrew: please have a look at these documents
... will discuss more during the next few meetings

Next Meeting

Andrew: were planning to meet every second week
... seems Monday is the most appropriate date for all participants
... next meeting would be Monday 9th June
... any known regrets?

Susanna: can't do the 9th

Helle: also Can't

Shadi: also can't

Andrew: Tuesday 10th?

Shadi: regrets from me

RESOLUTION: next meeting on *Tuesday 10 June* at 15:30 CEST

Summary of Action Items

no Action Items recorded

[End of minutes]

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