20 May 2008


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Christophe, CarlosV, Shadi, CarlosI, MichaelC, Tim
CarlosV, Christophe


CV: ask about the possibility of using a issue tracker system
... ask about the possibility of using a issue tracker system

SAZ: there is one avalaible, the question is what for

CV: mainly for tracking of action items and so

SAZ: will be looking to that

CS: have been working on the diff version
... and rename using new naming convention

CV: do you need any input for the naming convention work

CS: not right now

MC: could be significant changes

CV: Apparently there is no direct access to the cvs xml files

MC: we are using XMLspec

CV: is just a WCAG thing?

MC: no, its overall

SAZ: WCAG have lots of content you can see in different ways

MC: what techniques do you need?

CS: xhtml, css, javascript
... teleconference last week about the possibility of using test samples for documentation of accessibility supported technologies
... the idea is to use test samples to see if the combination of certain technological features is convenient or not
... the BTW user testing questions may be also reused

MC: WCAG WG is making a plan to incorporate test sample review into their process
... have to figure out how many per week

TB: is the WCAG WG also going to develop test samples?

MC: no, think this is the TF task
... maybe just locating some of them

CS: The WG also wants test samples in other languages

<Tim> http://www.w3.org/QA/TheMatrix

<Tim> links to test suites in various technologies

CS: some additional test samples were identificated at BTW

SAZ: difficult to recruit people to the TF because is difficult trying to figure out the aim
... were unsure about WCAG stability in the past
... now we can move on if MC help us to select the most stable ones
... this could help to accelerate work and improve participation

CS: the tracking system is also an issue
... having to update the wiki is a hard process

SAZ: hopes some visible results could attract people
... some may help with such a system

CS: next meeting 27th May or 3rd June?

SAZ: prefeer 27th May
... depending on progress
... no meeting on the 3rd of June, next meeting next week

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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