28 Mar 2008





David: Bert's doing editing, Elika's doing editor type tasks but not spec editing: maybe it's worth discussing how it's being split up

Bert: The best solution is not to raise any issues anymore

David: There were originally four editors, should I be an editor, Elika added as editor

Bert: The way it is right now is fine but help is always welcome, sure

Peter: is progress being blocked

David: It's fine as is then

Peter: Is that all you want to talk about?

<anne> http://www.w3.org/Style/Group/css3-src/css3-mediaqueries/

Media queries

Anne: removed dependency section
... Fixed syntax section to build on CSS 2.1 the same way the namespace module does
... There is a reference in the current CR in a note that never made it to that
... Made HTML and XML informative rather than normative
... Relative units are based on initial value and not initial value of root element
... Updated grids
... THe current rec has a note somewhere within square brackets but it wasn't in biblio.ref it was never resolved, tried to fix that

Elika: White space issues sorted out? We had issues on white space defs and syntax

Anne: The question remains, do we publish another CR or?

Elika: Needs to go back to last call, we made substantial changes to aspect ratio

Bert: What did we change in aspect ratio?

Elika: we added it

Resolved: media queries to last call

Anne: Is it okay if I move draft to public space

Elika: As long as Hakon is okay - do it

Resolved: move media queries to public space

Daniel: Thank you HP for hosting!

<glazou> ==== ADJOURN ====

<tantek> note microformats dinner meetup tonight, everyone is welcome: http://microformats.org/wiki/events/2008-03-28-san-diego-dinner

Summary of Action Items

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