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Workshop Agenda June 2-3 2008, São Paulo, Brazil

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More papers were submitted to the workshop than could be presented in the time available. The papers presented were selected based on formal paper reviews by the Workshop program committee. A complete list of position papers is available, and is a recommended reading list for the workshop.

NB: note that this is still a draft agenda which might change a bit due to speaker availabilities.

Monday, June 2nd
Registration, 8.00a - 9.00a
Morning Session I, 9.00a - 9.45a

Chair: Stéphane Boyera (W3C)

  • Welcome and logistic details Vagner Diniz (, Stephane Boyera (W3C), Jose Manuel Alonso (W3C) (15mn)
  • Introduction (Slideset 1, 2) - Stephane Boyera, Jose Manuel Alonso (W3C) (30mn)
Morning Session II, 9.45a - 11.00p

Video of the session

Session: Education program

Chair: Philipp Hoschka (W3C)

Discussion (55mn)

Break, 11.00a - 11.30a
Morning Session III, 11.30a - 1.15p

Video of the session

Session: Applications

Chair: Ken Banks (

Discussion (45mn)

Lunch, 1.15p - 2.15p
Afternoon Session I, 2.15p - 4.00p

Video of the session

Session: User needs and Bottom-up approach

Chair: Bill Gillis (EFR Source)

Discussion (65mn)

Break, 4.00p - 4.30p
Afternoon Session II, 4.30p - 6.30p

Video of the session

Session: Case Studies

Chair: Jose Manuel Alonso (W3C/CTIC)

Brainstorming Session: Which technologies to deploy applications on mobile phones ? (75mn)

Tuesday, June 3rd
Morning Session I, 9.30a - 11.00a

Video of the session

Session: Mobile Opportunities in Latin America

Chair: Vagner Diniz (

Discussion (45mn)

Break, 11.00a - 11.30a
Morning Session II, 11.30a - 12.30p

Video of the session

Session: Impact on communities

Chair: Rose Shuman (OpenMind)

Discussion (45mn)

Lunch, 12.30p - 1.30p
1.30p-3.30a World Bank Global Dialogue Event

Session Chair: Oleg Petrov (The World Bank), Antony Bloome (Peace Corps), Stephane Boyera (W3C)

  • Opening: Oleg Petrov, Anthony Bloome, Stephane Boyera, (session organizers and co-chairs) (5mn)
  • Part 1: Perspectives from W3C Workshop in Sao Paulo

    Q&A (10 min)

  • Part 2: Perspectives from Washington DC
    • Bill Kerr-Smith, GICT/IFC (5mn)
    • Jim Rosenberg, CGAP (5mn)
    • Mark S. Landry, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (5mn)
    • Anthony Bloome, Peace Corps (5mn)
    • Shah Mitul, UN Foundation (5mn)

    Q&A (20mn)

  • Part 3: Country Perspectives (15mn)
    • Wilson Myenzi of Rwanda
    • David Sawe of Tanzania
    • Dorothy Gordon of Ghana
    • Vikas Kanungo of India
    • Anna Korobova of Russia

  • Open Discussion - (45 min)


Break, 3.30p - 4.00p
Afternoon Session II, 4.00p - 5.30p

Video of the session

Session Chair: Stéphane Boyera (W3C), Jose Manuel Alonso (W3C/CTIC)

  • Output of the workshop, headlines of the executives summary,...

For more information about the workshop, please see the Workshop Home Page.

Stéphane Boyera, Jose Manuel Alonso,Workshop Chairs
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