20 Feb 2008


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Johannes, Shadi, CarlosV, CarlosI


RDFa Last Call Working Draft

CI: should we look at WAI-ARIA as a group?
... think it is important

CV: we are only 4, if we focus on all these documents in detail we won't get our work
... PFWG is big and well-staffed

CI: i will do it anyway, but think it is relevant for ERT
... to ensure that EARL covers all ARIA stuff

CV: we have dimitar in that group, not sure if we want more

CI: we will be using it

SAZ: cross-group review is important, ERT has been gaining a more central role on oversight of evaluation tools & procedures
... need to balance time but think WAI-ARIA is an important one
... review deadline is 20 feb or 3 mar

CI: haven't reviewed the latest draft yet

CV: may not get to it for long, assigned someone else from my staff to this group

SAZ: sounds like we may only be able to do this review at Last Call
... this may be as early as april
... having said that, RDFa is really relevant for EARL
... may not be a review in terms of finding issues, but something that we can learn from
... we should at least read it

Comments on WCAG 2.0 by CarlosI


CI: what is the applicability to user agents?
... web sites shouldn't fail this SC due to browser bug

SAZ: does that relate to "accessibility supported technologies"?


SAZ: techniques don't talk about embedded objects or other technologies



CI: nothing mentioned in the intent, maybe write something general in the "accesibility supported technologies" section and link to it from individual SCs

RESOLUTION: would be good to point people to some background information for SCs to which user agent fucntionality plays a role

SC 2.4.3 Focus Order

CI: any order has meaning
... usability studies show that

SAZ: may not always be relevant
... might be good to explain point of view more clearly, and send follow-up to WCAG WG

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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