Web API WG Teleconference
06 Feb 2008

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<trackbot> Date: 06 February 2008

shepazu: Zakim, this is DOM3

[2:27pm] Zakim: shepazu, I see IA_WebAPI(DOM3)2:30PM in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be DOM3".

[2:27pm] shepazu: sigh

[2:27pm] shepazu: Zakim, this will be DOM3

[2:27pm] Zakim: ok, shepazu; I see IA_WebAPI(DOM3)2:30PM scheduled to start in 3 minutes

[2:27pm] Zakim: IA_WebAPI(DOM3)2:30PM has now started

[2:27pm] Zakim: +Carmelo

[2:27pm] shepazu: Zakim, code?

[2:27pm] Zakim: the conference code is 3663 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), shepazu

[2:28pm] anne: hmm, office us is just starting

[2:28pm] Zakim: +Andrew_Emmons

[2:29pm] shepazu: sorry, phone problems, just a couple minutes

[2:31pm] anne: Zakim, who is on the phone?

[2:31pm] Zakim: On the phone I see Carmelo, Andrew_Emmons

[2:31pm] • anne waits for shepazu

[2:35pm] anne: Zakim, who is on the phone?

[2:35pm] Zakim: On the phone I see Carmelo, Andrew_Emmons

[2:35pm] Zakim: +??P0

[2:35pm] shepazu: Zakim, +??P0

[2:35pm] Zakim: I saw ??P0 just arrive

[2:35pm] Carmelo: Hello Everyone

[2:35pm] shepazu: Zakim, +??P0 is me

[2:35pm] Zakim: sorry, shepazu, I do not recognize a party named '+??P0'

[2:35pm] shepazu: Zakim, +??P0 is Doug Schepers

[2:35pm] Zakim: I don't understand '+??P0 is Doug Schepers', shepazu

[2:36pm] Zakim: +anne

[2:36pm] shepazu: Zakim, +??P0 is me

[2:36pm] Zakim: sorry, shepazu, I do not recognize a party named '+??P0'

[2:36pm] shepazu: Zakim, ??P0 is me

[2:36pm] Zakim: +shepazu; got it

[2:37pm] shepazu: anne, can you join

[2:37pm] shepazu: ?

[2:37pm] aemmons: Scribe: Andrew Emmons

[2:38pm] aemmons: ScribeNick: aemmons

[2:38pm] aemmons: Chair: Doug Schepers

[2:38pm] aemmons: Topic: Introduction meeting

[2:38pm] aemmons: DS: Introducing Andrew Emmons

[2:39pm] aemmons: DS: Known for some time

[2:39pm] aemmons: DS: Motivated to get DOM3 Events published

[2:39pm] aemmons: DS: Anticipate that it is largely done

[2:39pm] aemmons: DS: Goal of meetings to establish what is left to be done

[2:39pm] aemmons: DS: Find out what is implemeted

[2:40pm] aemmons: DS: Find out what is different than what is implemented

[2:40pm] aemmons: DS: I would like to see spec as CR in 4-6 months

[2:40pm] aemmons: DS: CR is when you need a good test suite

[2:41pm] Lachy joined the chat room.

[2:41pm] Lachy left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)

[2:41pm] aemmons: DS: Andrew Emmons is from BitFlash

[2:41pm] Lachy joined the chat room.

[2:41pm] aemmons: DS: Implements SVGT 1.2 and thus DOM 3 Events

[2:42pm] aemmons: DS: Anne works for Opera, well informed regarding DOM 3 Events

[2:42pm] aemmons: DS: I work for W3C, staff contact for WebAPI

[2:43pm] aemmons: DS: Carmelo works for NIST

[2:43pm] aemmons: DS: Has done some DOM testing in the past

[2:44pm] aemmons: CM: Will DOM LEvel 3 Events be using the same framework as DOM LEvel 2 Events?

[2:44pm] aemmons: CM: I was looking at the previous frameworks

[2:44pm] aemmons: DS: W3C specifications do implementability testing

[2:44pm] aemmons: DS: No focus on interopability

[2:45pm] aemmons: DS: There has been a new focus to have interopability between implementations

[2:45pm] • anne has to go in ~15 min for a WAF meeting

[2:45pm] aemmons: DS: Want to make sure the DOM3 Events Test suite has a focus for interopability

[2:46pm] aemmons: DS: Worth our time on how to setup the testing framework

[2:47pm] aemmons: CM: I could not find a DOM Level 2 events test suite

[2:47pm] aemmons: DS: I do not think one exists

[2:47pm] aemmons: CM: How wass this tested in the past?

[2:47pm] aemmons: DS: Not sure

[2:47pm] aemmons: CM: How did it become a Recommendation

[2:48pm] aemmons: Av: The requirements were more loose at that time

[2:48pm] aemmons: CM: Should we have tests for DOM Level 2 Events?

[2:48pm] aemmons: DS: May be useful, where there is overlap

[2:50pm] aemmons: DS: My goal is to get the spec out with features that are compatible or easy to do with existing browsers

[2:50pm] aemmons: DS: Implementations do somehting that is akin to DOM Level 3 events

[2:50pm] aemmons: DS: The feedback I want to get is from Opera, Mozillia, IE and WebKit

[2:51pm] aemmons: DS: And SVG user agents

[2:51pm] aemmons: DS: Step 1 is to have a careful review by all browser venders

[2:52pm] aemmons: DS: The reason DOM Events stalled, at that time implementers will not implementing

[2:53pm] aemmons: DS: Need to have buy-in from venders

[2:53pm] aemmons: Av: The biggest problem is that it requires namespaces on events

[2:53pm] aemmons: Av: I do not think people are implementing the namespacing

[2:54pm] aemmons: DS: I am sure Microsoft will be involved in this process

[2:54pm] aemmons: DS: I understand that there are people who dislike namespaces,

[2:55pm] aemmons: DS: I am not sure it is a blocker for the spec

[2:55pm] aemmons: Av: It is the think we do not see people implementing

[2:55pm] aemmons: Av: It does not make sense for us to ship it if others do not as well

[2:56pm] aemmons: DS: Another thing is - do authors want this?

[2:56pm] aemmons: Av: Poeple hardly use namespaced elements, which have been around a long time

[2:57pm] aemmons: AE: We've found them useful for content that uses CustomEvent

[2:58pm] aemmons: DS: We need to make sure the spec is consistent and in publishable form

[2:58pm] aemmons: DS: Good test suite

[2:58pm] aemmons: DS: And that Key Events are acceptable for all the vendors

[2:59pm] aemmons: AE: Moving forward, I need to know what resolutions have been made by the group that have not been captured i the spec

[2:59pm] aemmons: Av: We have an issue tracker

[2:59pm] shepazu: http://www.w3.org/2005/06/tracker/webapi/

[3:00pm] shepazu: http://www.w3.org/2005/06/tracker/webapi/products/2

[3:02pm] anne: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webapi/2006May/0065.html

[3:04pm] shepazu: http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Bindings/

[3:05pm] aemmons: DS: Because most people doing web content, our focus should be ECAMScript for testing

[3:05pm] Zakim: -anne

[3:06pm] aemmons: AE: Sounds good

[3:06pm] aemmons: CM: Sounds good

[3:07pm] aemmons: DS: Focusing on one issue and moving forward should be a great way forward

[3:08pm] shepazu: http://www.w3.org/2008/webapps/wiki/DOM3Events

[3:09pm] shepazu: public-webapi@w3.org

[3:09pm] aemmons: DS: All of our technical discussions are done on the public WebAPI mailing list

[3:11pm] aemmons: DS: Let's start with this double-click issue and move forward

[3:12pm] aemmons: DS: No telcon next week, due to SVG F2F

[3:12pm] aemmons: DS: I would love if we could be very agressive regarding this spec

[3:12pm] aemmons: DS: Get feedback, spec updated, etc

[3:13pm] aemmons: DS: Would go a long way in giving credibility

[3:13pm] aemmons: DS: And if we could have a test as well that would be great

[3:15pm] aemmons: DS: Would be good to have the tests transformable from HTML to SVG

[3:17pm] aemmons: ACTION: AndrewE to summarize issues regarding double-click events and bring it up with the group

[3:17pm] • trackbot noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.

[3:17pm] trackbot: Sorry, couldn't find user - AndrewE

[3:17pm] aemmons: ACTION: AEmmons to summarize issues regarding double-click events and bring them up with the group

[3:17pm] • trackbot noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.

[3:17pm] trackbot: Created ACTION-244 - Summarize issues regarding double-click events and bring them up with the group [on Andrew Emmons - due 2008-02-13].

[3:18pm] aemmons: ACTION: Carmelo to write double-click tests

[3:18pm] • trackbot noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.

[3:18pm] trackbot: Created ACTION-245 - Write double-click tests [on Carmelo Montanez - due 2008-02-13].

[3:19pm] Zakim: -Carmelo

[3:19pm] aemmons: rrsagent, make minutes

[3:19pm] aemmons: zakim, bye

[3:19pm] Zakim: leaving. As of this point the attendees were Carmelo, Andrew_Emmons, anne, shepazu

[3:19pm] Zakim left the chat room.

[3:20pm] aemmons: rrsagent, make minutes

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