POWDER: Smarter Navigation on the Web

Stakeholder Meeting

Date:Tuesday 18 March 2008
Networking Buffet Lunch 13.00
Meeting 14:00 - 17.30

Venue: GSM Association Offices, 1st Floor, Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6EA.

Reason for the Meeting

End users can be very demanding. They expect Web sites to work just as well on their mobile device as on their desktop, some need Web sites to work just as well with or without a screen, images or color, and, of course, they expect children to be protected, online traders to be honest and information to be accurate.

Satisfying an audience that makes ever greater demands requires increasingly personalized content, on the fly aggregation and smarter navigation. This is the underlying driver behind the W3C's new Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER).

At heart it's about quickly and easily creating small amounts of data to describe a lot of content that can then be matched with a user's requests, needs and preferences.

What exactly is it? What can it do that can't be done already? How does it fit in with what is already being done successfully? How will POWDER enable content and service providers to improve their offering?

This joint W3C/GSMA meeting offers industry stakeholders the chance to explore these questions, and more, with the Working Group members in an informal, closed session. As the draft agenda shows, the range of use cases for the technology is broad but is focused on the desire to be able to identify online resources that meet particular criteria in a way that can be trusted and used by commercial brands to the benefit of their users.

The POWDER Working Group is making rapid progress and expects to be seeking test implementations in spring of this year. The meeting will provide timely information to those who stand to benefit most from the new technology and whose input is critical in ensuring that it meets existing commercial needs whilst opening new possibilities.

Who should attend

Note: this is an invitation-only event not open to the press. It is the intention, however, to publish a general report on the event in which comments and opinions will not be attributed. See the report published following a similar event held in July 2007.

If you are interested in attending please register or contact Matt Womer, the W3C Team Contact. Due to limited space W3C members are permitted one attendee, except with permission from the working group Chair. Spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.


1.00 pm Buffet lunch
2.00 pm Opening remarks from the meeting chair: Diana Pentecost, Program Director Consumer Advocacy & Privacy, AOL LLC.
2.10 pm As I see it: Carl Taylor, Hutchinson Whampoa
2.25 pm POWDER overview from Working Group chair: Phil Archer, CTO, Family Online Safety Institute
2.45 pm The POWDER Use Cases:
  • Semantic-enabled search: Kevin Smith, Vodafone Group
  • mobileOK & trust: Paul Walsh, Segala
  • Accessibility: Alan Chuter, Technosite — Grupo Fundosa.
3.30 pm Q & A
3.45 pm The Policy View: Diana Pentecost, AOL LLC
4.00 pm The Potential of POWDER:
  • The Content Provider's Perspective: Kai-Dietrich Scheppe, Deutshe Telekom
  • The User's Pespective: Charles McCathieNevile, Opera Software
  • Potential for Convergence: Scott Rose, Arqiva Satellite Media Solutions
  • Mike McKeehan, Director, Internet & Technology Policy, Verizon
5.00 pm Summary and discussion: Ian Pannell, GSMA
5.30 pm Close

Background Materials

Technical Documents

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Phil Archer, FOSI, Chair
Matt Womer, W3C/ERCIM, staff contact