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XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group

Interoperability Testing Event: C14N 1.1 and XML Digital Signatures Core

To prepare the transition of Canonical XML 1.1 to Proposed Recommendation, and the preparation of a Proposed Edited Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group will hold a one-day interoperability event in Mountain View, California, on 27 September 2007. The event is co-located with the W3C workshop on Next Steps for XML Signature and XML Encryption.

Participation and Logistics

Participation in the interoperability event is open to interested implementors and to members of the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group. Participants MUST register in advance. Registered participants will receive logistics information.

Specifications and Test Cases

To prepare for the interoperabiltiy event, the Working Group is preparing a set of test cases. Parties interested in participating in the interoperability event are encouraged to join the Working Group to participate in the test case preparation work.

Chair: Frederick Hirsch
Team Contact and Security Activity Lead: Thomas Roessler
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